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Writing-and-Speaking Experts and novices alike consider blog writing to be an effective tool for online business promotion. However, many people do not know exactly what a blog means or what writing a blog is. To get the best results through blogs it is necessary knowing what it actually is. Basic Features of Blogs and The Differences with Traditional Websites Blog is like a website online but is different in the sense that its main .ponents are writing and hoisting articles on a regular basis in an interactive manner. "This interactive feature of the blogs makes them different from the traditional websites. "Another distinctive feature of blogs is that they allow .ments to be placed by the viewers on the blog site on regular basis. "Other distinguishing features of blog are as follows. All contents including business blog writing are displayed in a chronological manner on the web by the writers concerned; Usually it is in reverse chronological manner showing the latest post first and the earliest post the last; Unlike most other traditional websites, the viewers are allowed to post their .ments on the blog on regular basis; All the entries in the blog are updated regularly keeping the contents relevant for the readers always; and Entries are made in various patterns and they can be text, graphics, images, links to different sites etc. Types of Blogs and How They Influence the Process of Blog Writing Current trend in the market is massive growth of the web blogs as they are the best mediums for mass .munication on line. In result there is quite a substantial demand for the blog writing and blog writers on the web. Evolution of blogs to their present state has been through the following processes. "Initially blogs were personal journals and writing a blog was limited to expressing personal opinion on various subjects or burning issues; "Gradually blogs started taking the shape of international journals that are relevant to multiple topics and interactive as well; "Today they serve a wide range of purposes and have be.e a social phenomenon; and "Most of the celebrities have their own blogs where they regularly post their views, .ments, and messages for others to view and these blogs are very popular .mensurate to the popularity of such celebrities. Broad Classification of Blog Writing and their Characteristics Broadly speaking blog writing can be divided into two categories; personal and business blog writing. Personal blogs work as personal journals and are normally maintained by one person. Contents that are floated on such blogs could be about someone, ideas, discussion, current issues, news, or predictions or anything. In contrast business blogs are usually maintained by an enterprise and contains a team of experienced and professional bloggers. They serve the purpose of developing the .munication and public relations of the enterprises concerned quite effectively. Writing a blog successfully depends on relevant and updated contents .posed in a convincing and engaging manner and that is what the writers should keep in mind while writing blogs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: