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UnCategorized How do you .pare to your .petitors? To you, the differences may seem obvious, but to a Realtor, all mortgage .panies seem alike. When you meet a Realtor, they automatically assume that you are like every other loan officer they have met. This can make your loan officer marketing incredibly frustrating. How can you develop your loan officer marketing plans to change the mind of Realtors? Simple, loan officer marketing has to include brand image as an essential .ponent. What do Realtors see when they look at your flyers, newsletters, postcards, brochures, website, ads and even your business cards? Are you clearly .municating an image? Click on a .petitor website. If you took their name off the site, would it be virtually identical to your site? Unfortunately, all too often the answer is yes. It does not matter whether you are a small broker or part of a large financial institution. You still have to establish an identity that is unique from your .petition. That identity is your brand image. If you are not sure how to develop your brand image, there are four questions that can guide you through the process. Is your name recognized? Are you memorable? What do you specialize in? Are you visible in your business? Your response to these questions helps focus your brand image. Name Recognition How well is your name recognized? Are there opportunities in the local media where you or your business is featured or quoted? In an overcrowded marketplace, it can be difficult to establish that recognition. When you launch your attempt to establish brand name recognition, you can do so through a step by step process. First you start with establishing a reputation for service excellence, then you tell your story, and finally by building your relationships and working to maintain them. Make Yourself Memorable Provide visual cues or slogans that serve as a shorthand for your business. You need either a memorable logo or slogan, something that Realtors will see and instantly make a mental connection with your business. Specialize, Specialize, Specialize When you go to a doctor for a particular problem, generally you go to a specialist. The same is true for Realtors. They look for someone who specializes in solving their problem, especially when their in.e is on the line. Direct your materials towards your specialty, show them how you can help them solve problems. Visibility Develop your loan officer marketing plan with opportunities that create exposure for you and your business. Attend networking groups, association meetings, listing tours, etc. Making sure that you are visible to the Realtor, sending out materials on a consistent basis, and actively expanding on your advertising helps keep your image alive. Creating a brand image takes time and effort, but offers big paybacks for you and your business. Devote your time to establishing your brand, and before long, you will have no difficulty distinguishing yourself from your .petition. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: