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BRIC countries live up to expectations? The sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) agency column Project Syndicate author Jim? O’neal, former chairman of Asset Management Co, the British Chancellor of the exchequer business assistant, is a professor of economics at the University College Chester’s honor, think-tank Pieter Brueghel the elder visiting fellow at the British government, antibiotic resistance problem review Commission Chairman of the BRIC countries the growth and development of the potential barrier in many ways, including antibiotic resistance of this kind of health threat, education challenges, lack of representation and some short-term cyclical problems in global governance mechanism. Global policymakers must be committed to removing these barriers, so that the BRIC countries will eventually be able to play their real potential. BRIC countries live up to expectations? 15 years ago, I created the term "BRICs" to refer to several major emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India and China (South Africa in 2010). In response to antibiotic resistance (Antimicrobial Resistance) under the auspices of the independent review after work in the near future, I will end in the short term of the British government. In thinking about the next step to join the cause, I can not help but think of the theme of this year’s 15 anniversary. These huge and promising emerging economies in the end did not live up to expectations? Maybe the easiest way to answer this question is related to antibiotic resistance to review my work, which is determined by the former British Prime Minister David Cameron in 2014 to start the project?. In September 21st of the same year we made a significant progress: the United Nations signed a high-level agreement on the issue. In the agreement, during the one on my team and I are set up in all walks of life consciousness from time to time tracking shot of the German resistance TV crew had asked me in the broadcast, the results of this project is more important than the BRIC concept. And I didn’t even come and answer, and they gave me the answer. They are right: whether it is or what other emerging economies, if sustained under this kind of serious antibiotic resistance and uncontrollable health threat, is impossible to achieve prosperity. But the BRICs story is not limited to: the BRICs in the issue of antibiotic resistance on coping with the importance of dealing with drug resistance is equal to the importance of these five countries. South Africa, which is the main supporter of the UK’s recent drug resistance at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, may not have the opportunity to appear in the communique, without the support of the country. And that’s the problem. The BRICs countries, as in 2001, play a vital role in addressing the most pressing international challenges. In fact, the reason I came up with the acronym BRICS, not only because of all the name of the first letter of coincidence, but also because the true meaning of the word: in my articles published in 2001, these emerging economies should be to build a new global gold)相关的主题文章: