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Reference-and-Education Southlake, Texas – A new day planner from the Bubble Planner seeks to help students see the big picture and multi-task, while minimizing boredom and frustration with details. The coil bound paper day planner uses an exclusive feature called Bubble Maps, which gives a visual representation of goals, projects, and tasks. The Bubble Planner has been producing unique time management tools for over three years and found that many of its customers had been using its planners in school. When a Master’s Student contacted the Bubble Planner last fall to design something specifically for her, the company decided to make this a priority and develop tools with students in mind. One of the products, The Homework Helper, is positioned specifically for Middle School and Intermediate School students providing a simple-to-use calendar layout for multiple teachers and class assignments. The other product, The Student Planner, lays out goals, projects, and tasks spatially like a desktop rather than in a list format. This design is like brainstorming with boundaries. Bubble Planner also customizes the design for schools buying in bulk. "We believe that everyone has within them right now the power to create startling and powerful change, thereby, experiencing success like they never thought possible. All that’s missing for many people is the right knowledge and effective tools. It’s our hope that these products provide that solution for everyone, especially those who have been neglected by the traditional planner companies," said Bill Tyler, Owner of the Bubble Planner. Based on input from dozens of active STUDENTS, the Bubble Planner developed the STUDENT Planner to include all of the features relevant to a student’s busy schedule. It is designed to provide a tool to help students achieve more by combining the power of their creative and logical thought processes. The STUDENT Planner includes the following special pages: * Goal Capture pages and Goal Worksheets. * Task Management Bubble Map pages and Master "To Do" List pages. * Yearly Calendars, Birthday Keeper, Homework Keeper pages, and Address pages. * Franklin’s 13 Virtues Tracking sheets. * Activity Logs. * Idea Explorer pages. The concept of Bubble Maps taps into the brain’s associative properties connecting thoughts to specific locations. This memory technique, known as the Method of Loci, was taught by Aristotle, and is still used by memory experts today. This way of thinking is believed to be the reason most people lay items across their desk instead of in one big pile. "The Bubble Planner was created to help people achieve more than they thought possible," said Bill. "With our personal touch customer service and passion for helping others succeed, we’re delighted to help students succeed in every area of their life." The Company’s range of products include paper planners, notepads, software, refills, digital PDF forms, as well as time management books. The entire collection helps students to think better, manage time better, and achieves breakthrough results in school. About the Author: The Bubble Planner , contact Bill Tyler or visit .BubblePlanner… If you are .mitted to working toward attaining the life of your dreams, one that .bines creativity, achievement, and purpose into one powerful force, you can trust that the Bubble Planner is .mitted to providing you with all the tools necessary to help get you there. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: