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Certificate precious metals: a review released Tuesday, the Conference Board consumer confidence data show beautiful gold and silver dollar float upon the clouds pressure drop in prices, combined with previously published consumer spending, residential construction, durable goods orders and industrial production and other data is strong, the Fed rate hike is expected to increase significantly in the year. The Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen and vice president Fisher on Tuesday last week published a hawkish speech, fed vice chairman Fisher once again stressed his Shengxi speech, the market for the fed to raise interest rates during the year is expected to rise again. On the whole, the gold and silver suppress significantly above, investors can seize the opportunity to sell short rallies. Fundamental analysis of Tuesday the U.S. Conference Board consumer confidence data show beautiful years once again support the Fed rate hike outlook. U.S. August Conference Board consumer confidence index 101.1, the highest since 2015 September high, expected 97, before the correction value of 97.3 to 96.7. Data on business and job market conditions were better than last month, while personal income prospects improved. Consumer confidence improved, suggesting that the next few months of economic growth or moderate speed. Fed vice chairman Fisher raised interest rates again to support the dollar. Although the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen and vice president Fisher delivered a hawkish speech last week, the market is still only reflects the hike in September is less than 50%. But on Tuesday morning, the Fed’s vice president Fisher in an interview with Bloomberg Television once again stressed his hawkish remarks published last week. Fisher said, do not think it can be simply summarized within the adult interest rate hike; interest rate path depends on the economy. Employment data show very close to full employment, but the current productivity growth is very slow, hoping to be able to pick up time productivity. Countries around the world are increasingly interconnected, and the central bank [micro-blog] is trying to solve the problem of globalization. The Fed does not intend to take negative interest rates, negative interest rates for savers is very difficult. The United States will be announced in August ADP employment change, on the evening of August ADP market expectations, employment growth will decline, if consistent with expectations, on Friday’s payrolls forecasts more unfavorable, and hinder the September rate hike expectations, which will make gold to get some support; but if the data is slightly higher than expected, gold the pressure will not change. Technical analysis of silver intraday fall. Technically, the silver short-term moving average Guaitou down, investors may continue to fall pattern; MACD index speed line Sicha zero axis and crossing zero axis, the market outlook is likely to continue downward pattern. 4 hours, the short-term moving average Guaitou down, the silver short take the initiative; the MACD index below the zero axis speed line Sicha downward divergence, the rapid growth of green energy column. On the whole, silver fell below the important support position, indicating that short-term short again dominate, investors can seize the opportunity to meet the high short. The long and short game: gold spot gold yesterday weakened sharply, closing out a firm line, currently receives 1310 level support yesterday, but the overall direction of short days, the market is expected to continue to fall below the adjusted downward, attention short opportunity.相关的主题文章: