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Camp changed to increase the tax reduction made negative stage effect – Beijing, the State Administration of Taxation recently released data show that the first 7 months of this year, replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) overall tax cuts totaling 210 billion 700 million yuan. In addition, in August the national tax system organization tax revenue after deducting the export tax rebate grew by -3.3%, the first negative growth this year. Analysts pointed out that since 2012, taking into account the present replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot scale tax cuts monthly effect gradually enlarge, reform trend, the abolition of the 18 charges of government government funds, Tingzheng exemption plus this year, "government work report" in the "reduce enterprise and individual burden of about 500000000000 Yuan is expected to fully" commitment to achieve. As the government since the establishment of the largest tax cuts, the full implementation of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) is undoubtedly a big game — the Party Central Committee and the State Council to deploy the use of government revenues "subtraction", for the benefit of enterprises "addition" and "multiplication" the vitality of the market, the new growth momentum to boost the economy, accelerate the formation, and provide a strong guarantee for the the supply side structural reform. National School of Administration professor Xu Zhengzhong said that the current difficulties in the operation of some enterprises, the full implementation of the camp changed to increase or decrease the tax burden is conducive to increasing economic power, is the only way for China’s economic restructuring and upgrading. Camp changed to increase or decrease the tax, the company added vitality." This is the voice of many companies. Jiangxi Huaneng Ruijin power generation limited liability company is currently invested nearly 6 billion 800 million yuan in the two phase of the expansion of the company, deputy chief accountant Nie Dongsheng said that the two phase expansion project construction and installation costs of about 40% of the total investment, replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) after deduction of taxes may reach nearly 800 million yuan, the new company after the project is put into operation within two years almost do not pay taxes. Camp changed to increase so that companies can put more money on R & D, to increase confidence in business development." Camp changed to increase after the construction of the project outside the construction services and engineering supervision services exempt from VAT, this provision is very favorable for enterprises to expand overseas markets. We strive to make good use of tax policy, with the help of "The Belt and Road ‘strategy, the overseas business to achieve 10 billion yuan in the" 13th Five-Year "final." China Railway five Bureau of overseas branch chief accountant Wang Qin said. Beijing, Haidian District, the tax authorities on the survey of listed companies show that the camp changed to increase after the district’s industrial structure has been further optimized, the third board listed companies listed on the scale of tax was small run fast characteristics. The Yantai Municipal Bureau of Taxation in Shandong based on the regional industrial structure adjustment, and vigorously serve the regional fruit electricity supplier industry, promote the economic advantages of resource advantages turned to create a new growth point of the regional economy. Central University of Finance and Economics professor Fan Yong said, replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) through the connection of the two or three industry VAT deduction chain, a strong impetus to the modern service industry and manufacturing industry and the real economy docking, provides guarantee for cultivating tax economic development momentum. Camp changed to increase the opening of 3 months, the sea fishing Food Co., Ltd. Beijing area alone on tax cuts of $8 million 360 thousand, the tax cut reached 45%." Chen Yong, tax manager, said that in order to adapt to the new tax system, the company will be separated from the central factory sales outlets, the establishment of an independent enterprise. At the same time optimize the quality of suppliers, 95% suppliers in Beijing sea area has made the general taxpayer clean相关的主题文章: