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Chaoshan businessman Zhou Zhenke white Letong shares Yao Zhenhua circle of friends members data after the farewell "Xu Xiang concept stocks", Letong shares holding rights will change. This involves the sale of 700 million yuan, so that a rare exposure of the mysterious businessman Zhou Zhenke once again into the public view. In September 2nd, Letong shares announcement that the controlling shareholder of Liu Qiuhua has signed a share transfer agreement with Dasheng assets, after the entry into force of the agreement, Liu Qiuhua will hold Leton shares of 13% shares to 700 million yuan transferred to Dasheng assets. If the transaction is successful, Letong shares of the controlling shareholder owned assets dasun. The actual controller Zhou Zhenke Dasheng assets behind, like most Chaoshan businessman, not love exposure, a rare interview. The first week Zhenke to the capital market stage, he is from the "treasure" hands over Bao Cheng shares a controlling stake. The holding of shares through music, Zhou Zhenke use of capital technology and the last consistent. Today, Zhou Zhenke’s capital territory, has a number of enterprises, involving real estate, health food, new materials, precision processing technology, new energy vehicles and other fields. Then disk Xu Xiang concept shares, shares, which had been one of the leading domestic packaging and printing ink industry, will usher in its new owner. At the beginning of September, Letong shares that received notification of the controlling shareholder of Liu Qiuhua, which signed a share transfer agreement with Dasheng assets, after the entry into force of the agreement, Liu Qiuhua company intends to hold 26 million shares tradable shares, representing 13% of total share capital, transfer at the price of 700 million yuan to Sheng assets. If the transaction is effected, Dasheng assets will become the controlling shareholder of the shares of leton. So far, Liu Qiuhua and his wife will completely withdraw from the control of 20 years through the shares. Engaged in printing ink, paint and other products production and sales of Leton listed shares, in addition to the previous seven years, as the "Xu Xiang concept stocks", most of the time was. In early September 2012, Letong shares intends to Zhuhai City, Chi Ming Co., Zheng Suzhen and Ouyang Hua Zhenfei publicly issued shares of 60 million shares. Business information, Zheng Suzhen Ze hee investment legal representative, the Department of private brother Xu Xiangzhi mother. Due to the increase in equity investment projects scheduled to the market keen on "3D printing concept", Letong shares, shares above 9 yuan from 24 yuan in September 2012 the share prices all the way to the beginning of 2013. In December 2012, the first major shareholder controlled by Zhang Binxian and his wife Liu Qiuhua, the company Xinjiang Zhi Ming, the holdings of shares of not more than 19 million shares of the most, then the charts show Chak hee investment become the main suspected Jiepan party. In overweight Letong shares, Chak hee did not stop. May 2015, Yue Tong shares once again set up plans to raise fund-raising, Zheng Suzhen as one of the subscribers. After the resumption of Le Tong shares, the stock even pull 13 daily limit. However, the prospectus in subsequent drafts, the final result of the target company to terminate the agreement signed with the company "failed. Le Tong shares in the second amendment in November 2015 to increase the program, the subscriber has no Zheng Suzhen. The same month, on suspicion of insider trading, Xu Xiang controlled by the police. The aura is fading, it’s all the same. After the failure of this set by the industry;相关的主题文章: