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The air force Chinese boom 6-K to go to the Western Pacific cruise missile with original title: boom 6-K cruise to the Western Pacific JINGWAH Times News (reporter Pan Shanju) yesterday, the air force spokesman Colonel Shen Jinke announced yesterday, the air force fighter bomber, organization and early warning machine, oiling machine and other aircraft, flying through the Bashi Channel to the West Pacific sea training. This is the Chinese air force through training to enhance the ability to safeguard national sovereignty, safeguard national security, safeguard the needs of peaceful development. Shen pointed out that the sea is the air force training, routine arrangements within the annual training plan, in accordance with relevant international law and international practice. The same day, the air force bombers, -6K Su -30 and oiling machine and other type of aircraft, from the airport to quickly complete the deployment readiness, fast to the Western Pacific to carry out training, implementation of reconnaissance and early warning, cruise and air refueling training project, inspection of air force sea combat capability, the achievement of the established training objective. Shen said that in the reform of the military practice, the air force will enhance the level of combat training for traction, control over the island chain, the East China Sea, South China Sea, the battle cruiser sword plateau, while speeding up the equipment development of high-tech weapons built system, promoting the air force strategic transformation from quantitative change to qualitative change leap. The air force spokesman pointed out that the organization of training aviation is a common practice in the sea, the sea countries air force, is normal to China defense and army building. In accordance with relevant international law and international practice, the air force will be normalized organization aviation flying out of the first island chain sea training. > > news of Russian naval exercise troops had gathered JINGWAH Times News (reporter Pan Shanju) yesterday morning, participate in the Sino Russian "joint 2016" military exercises of the Russian warships arrived in Zhanjiang participating in a naval base, the two sides gathered troops. The exercise between China and Russia participating troops including surface ships, submarines, fixed wing aircraft, helicopter, Marines and amphibious armored equipment. The Chinese troops participating were from the South China Sea fleet, East Sea fleet and Beihai fleet, including missile destroyer Guangzhou, Zhengzhou ship missile frigate Mount Huangshan ship, Sanya ship, Daqing ship, Kunlun Mountains ship, amphibious landing ship Yunwushan ships, 2 submarines and new reefs in Junshan Lake supply ship 10 naval ship etc. naval battle. F 11B fighter aircraft, Flying Leopard fighter, AWACS helicopter type and a total of 19 aircraft, and some Marines will also be participating. Navy spokesman Liang Yang introduction, the exercise is over the years, the Sino Russian joint exercises in combat, information technology, standardization of the highest. Combat refers to our army for the first time in joint exercises with foreign navies in the "back" of the entire system, both red and blue does not meet the strong antagonism and high level of combat, thick smell of gunpowder. Information refers to the joint exercise, and command information system of China and Russia for the first time opened, will realize the trend of sharing, file sending and receiving command at all levels and the terminal platform, command, pass each other, the basic realization of silent command. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: