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China in New Zealand Embassy released earthquake Guide – Beijing Xinhua Christchurch November 14 Xinhua (reporter) 14 am Central South Island of New Zealand earthquake occurred 7.5 accompanied by aftershocks, has caused 2 deaths. Chinese Embassy in New Zealand released the same day the earthquake guide to remind Chinese citizens in New Zealand to pay attention to safety. Chinese in New Zealand Consulate in New Zealand to Chinese visitors, students, staff funded enterprises, access to short-term business personnel and the majority of overseas Chinese to express the sympathy, also reminded the prevention in the new China cautious citizens, closely related to earthquake prediction, public information, communication equipment to maintain smooth lines, reserve a certain amount of water, food and emergency supplies. Pay attention to their own safety. The Chinese Embassy in New Zealand reminds us that once the earthquake occurs, please remain calm and take measures according to the circumstances. Consulate warned that if the people in the building, don’t panic around, immediately ducked for cover; as a man in the elevator, should take protective measures, once the shaking stopped, escape from the nearest floor under the premise of ensuring safety; if people outside, please stay away from the building (especially high-rise building) trees, street lights and poles, and soon transferred to the open place to escape; if a man on the beach, should be transferred to the highlands as soon as possible in the vibration stop, to prevent the tsunami; if the people in the car, should as soon as possible to pull over, do not solve the seat belt, until the shaking stops; if the people in the mountainous area, should pay attention to the gravel and landslide. In addition, China in New Zealand Consulate once again announced duty phone: 006421528663 in New Zealand Embassy, Consulate General in Oakland, 0064274905381 in Christchurch, the Consulate General of 0064211767288. China in Christchurch Consulate General in 14 confirmed that there are China tourists stranded disaster to the seaside town of Kai ikura. At present, the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand is to mobilize the aircraft, to help Chinese citizens evacuated as soon as possible.相关的主题文章: