Chongqing, a company employee double 11 anti chop hand delayed a month wage in Beijing

Chongqing, a company employee "double 11 anti chop hand delayed a month wages – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Chongqing on November 5th news (reporter Liu Zhan) according to the Chinese sound" center wide news "report," double eleven "to Chongqing, a catering company in order to prevent employees become crazy online shopping" chop the hand ", decided to postpone a monthly payment of wages. Why does the company make this decision? Staff and how to look at this? This restaurant is located in Yubei District, Chongqing Iron Xiyuan office upstairs. Recently, the door has posted a notice particularly interesting, notice wrote: once a year of double "eleven" is coming, in order to ensure employees are not chop hands, guide the staff to save money, avoid extra spending leads to family discord, a small area of the phenomenon of bankruptcy, company management decision will be 10 this month. Wage delay until released by the end of December. In another piece of paper on the side of the notice, also wrote "farewell" double eleven "improper chop hand family" slogan. Only 31 year old general manager of the company said, the company is the main reason to do so, he had also "cut the hand", there is a lesson. He recalled that last year, double eleven period, he purchased nearly 20 thousand yuan of goods, including a computer of more than 8000 yuan. This computer is placed at home, less than ten times the boot. He said, the average age of employees is only 25 years old, not much savings, he has now found the staff to the shopping cart, he worried that if 10 Hair wages, No. 11 "cut the hand out, the next employee had a bad day for sure. If the employee is in a bad mood, the work will have a negative impact on the company’s performance will decline. An employee of the company told reporters that this period of time, there are a lot of staff began to search for the right goods in online shopping, a double eleven day. The company to delay the payment of wages does give notice, some employees poured cold water, the staff believes that the company and the employee is hired, he is an adult, although the double eleven online shopping may be crazy, but does not affect the basic life, will not affect the work. The company does not have the right to deprive employees of the right to use the delayed payment of wages. However, some employees believe that this can avoid a lot of impulsive consumption. The staff said: "double eleven to buy a lot of things are put in the corner on the one or two, if you do not have money to buy, naturally saved down." For the delay in payment of wages are suspected of arrears of wages, the company manager, said: the company never arrears of wages. Delayed wages is to prevent employees become impulsive spending "cut the hand", if there is in urgent need of money to employees, he will teshiteban wages." On this issue, this morning I just interviewed Chongqing Tiansheng law office lawyer Lin Gang, he believes that the provisions of article fourth in accordance with the "Interim Provisions" of China’s payment of wages, the employer due to difficulties in production and operation, capital turnover is affected, with the consent of units, the union agreed after temporarily deferred payment of the wages of workers the longest delay time limit, can be determined by the labor administrative department of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government according to the local conditions. On this enterprise, the delay.相关的主题文章: