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Home-and-Family Do you need your children to really like reading? Then you probably want to make sure that the shelves are full of fun, fascinating books they can curl up and get lost in. But choosing the correct childrens book shelves has much more to it than just buying any old shelf. A dedicated book shelf will not only encourage the adore of reading in your little one, but teach them about .anizing things and storing them away when not in use. You also want to make sure that they’re safe, and simple for the kids to use. You may be tempted to only look within the children’s furniture section, but this is really a mistake. You’ll be able to find really suitable childrens book shelves inside the typical furnishings sections as well. Actually, you’ll probably find a a lot wider selection of styles and colors. Also, you might be much more likely to find a book shelf that your youngster will be able to continue to use as they get older, especially since it doesn’t look like it was created for a baby. Do you know how tall your youngsters are? Time to line them up and mark their heights against the wall! You don’t need to buy childrens book shelves that are too high for them to reach. Unless, of course, you have other objects that you want to store on the upper shelves, and keeping little hands away from them is a good thing! You can store craft supplies, mittens and scarves, or other objects on the higher shelves. Just make certain your children won’t decide they want to climb them! Check the depth of the shelves prior to you buying. Children’s books are likely to be larger and wider than normal books, so look for childrens book shelves with about a foot depth. If your children are really young, choose childrens book shelves which have a solid backing to them, which will help keep things tidy and from falling out the back! Alternatively, place the shelves against the wall. You would like rounded corners, which are safer to your children as sharp corners mean cuts and bruises. If it is possible to screw or bolt the childrens book shelves to the wall or floor, then this is really a much safer choice that simply placing the shelves against a wall, and risking them dragging it down on top of them unintentionally. Also, make certain that your childrens book shelves are produced from a sturdy, durable material. Kids are likely to be rough on furniture, and they will be using their book shelves frequently. Strong wood is a better choice than particle board. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: