College students have been fooled by these SMS fraud you encountered

College students have been fooled by these phone text messages fraud you encountered a series of college students have been fooled by these phone text messages fraud you encountered? Recently, Shandong City, Luozhuang District Tan Village, 18 year old college student jade jade was a fraud, tuition cheated million yuan go. Even more distressing is that Yu Yu and his father after the alarm, Yu Yu suddenly collapsed, and ultimately due to respiratory arrest in 21 days, unfortunately left the world. After receiving telephone fraud, jade cheated million yuan of tuition (video screenshot) in August 19th, and a college student by telephone fraud, a claim for postal service told her, there is a letter from the letter from the bank, because the bank cards in Shanghai 12655 yuan, the bank sent a reminder. Girls in accordance with the requirements of the bank customer service and enthusiastic police officer, will own 6800 yuan tuition fees go out, finally found cheated. The girls have no money to pay the tuition, to go through the formalities of drop out of school. In August 24th, Shanghai East China Normal University sophomore Xiaowen (a pseudonym) tickets after receiving fraudulent messages, each claiming to be the airline customer service, canceled flights to Xiaowen, do change can obtain compensation on the grounds of the ATM machine, according to the prompts induced by small text. The small annual tuition was transferred out of 6100 yuan. Xiaowen received SMS fraud. Several consecutive cases so that the opening season fraud has become the focus of attention of the majority of students and parents. It is understood that during school has students and their parents were fake "school related personnel" telecommunications fraud peak, criminals tend to take this opportunity to students to simply inexperienced, and parents are lack of safety awareness open "claws". 25, 2009, the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation official WeChat issued an emergency reminder, received this number of 170, 171 calls to be careful, there are many people cheated two! 170, section 171 is special section for virtual operators, but because of regulatory measures in place, you can buy without real name registration, have become a hotbed of phone and SMS fraud, let people talk about the color. In addition, it is worth noting that the flight cancellations, party photos, child money….. A lot of messages in the unknown links will download the virus, once the point of entry, it may make you bankrupt! Received such a message, do not point to open, delete directly! Strangers involved in remittances, almost all crooks, do not transfer! These messages do not believe: enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: