Comments do not put the acquisition of Kentucky Fried chicken into revenge

Comment: don’t buy KFC fried into Ma "revenge" source: China business times Yum (KFC and Pizza Hut parent company) announced the day before and Chunhua capital and ant payment service agreement, the two together to Yum Chinese investment of $460 million, the investment will be split and yum yum and China. Synchronized. But the market rumors, Ma was in the down time, to apply for assistant manager of KFC, twenty people together for a job, you not only ma. Chunhua capital and ant payment service agreement, the two together to Yum China invested $460 million for the acquisition of Yum group. The payment service acquisition of Yum is actually the capital choice is normal, but because of an episode of Ma and KFC, ridicule into a little story. After the story has been rendered, it is always very attractive, so that people are always interested in particular. The first is to apply for election, after several years of "revenge", this story is full of inspirational voice behind. Therefore, the major media have played a Ma revenge label. It seems that Ma Yun is out of the acquisition of personal grudges, is early premeditated revenge, revenge is a gentleman’s realistic portrayal of ten years later. However, such a gimmick, although full readability, but may not really be objective. Is not revenge, which requires Ma himself clear. However, under the name of the two Yum restaurant brands, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken would not strange in China. KFC is a leader in the fast food industry, and the pizza hut is the casual dining industry well-known brands. Instead of saying, Ma acquisition behavior in order to revenge, but rather, it is spotted behind these two brands have the market value. The Ma Yun act as a private "revenge", too underestimate Ma Yun’s atmosphere. Moreover, an enterprise can go in the long run, the need to consider from the overall, if it is holding a private matter, it appears that the media stingy. Ma said the acquisition of behavior is to revenge, is in dwarf ma. Because there is a greater readability, will appear this kind of news headlines, the news industry is now playing with the results of word games. Instead of saying that Ma Yun is to the original story and brood on decision, it is a strategic decision made out of capital development. After all, KFC and Pizza Hut have great influence on the market, when KFC and Pizza Hut and gold dress when the interdependence of ants, will lead to better development of the catering industry and the Internet industry, this is Ma under the "pawn", with the old gimmick talk, too lacking due to the objectivity of news. Liusonghan相关的主题文章: