Cute robot like a puppy open the door to turn the wall speed incredible vidalia

Cute robot such as a dog may open the door over the fence: fast unbelievable Sina Technology News Beijing standard time on September 22nd message, far looked like has been excited dog, but this is actually a quadruped robot, it is very capable, can open the door, even more over the barbed wire. This is called a small robot Ghost Minitaur can realize various actions by programming, including jumping, trot, walk, and the kind of quadruped animal hunters hunt in the escape suddenly leaping action. The small robot is about 40 cm in height and looks almost the same size as a dog, but it has a maximum speed of about 4.5 miles per hour (about 7.2 kilometers). This is called a small robot Ghost Minitaur "can be inverted and open the door, but the most unbelievable is that it can still own over the barbed wire fence and other robots but different is that when the robot encounters obstacles in the way, such as a ladder, a closed door, or is a barbed wire fence, it can rely on their own strength through. Recently, a small robot by the manufacturer, headquartered in Philadelphia, the "ghost" robotic company (Ghost Robotics) released a short video display, this little robot was able to jump high and press down the handle of the door, then excitedly opened the original closed door. In another scene, this little robot encounters a barbed wire fence, it quickly climbed the fence and slowly over the obstacles. The robot is also able to cope with the rugged terrain, the researchers say, because of its complex sensor system that helps it identify the environment and respond accordingly. The four retractable, triangular shaped mechanical legs allow it to roll over, and deal with difficult terrain, such as gravel. "This product uses a high torque brushless motor as well as a special leg design that allows it to run and jump on complex terrain," robotic company said in a statement. The high speed and high resolution encoder is installed to allow the robot to observe the surrounding terrain more clearly and react instantaneously. Its four legs can also be used to take some active action on the environment, such as moving an obstacle or opening a closed door." The robot was originally designed by robotics scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, which is designed to mimic animals that can run and jump on complex terrain surfaces. Although there are some other development company is to carry out complex terrain robot applications, such as the famous Boston power company, but the spirit of robotic company team think their product features is very compact and lightweight design style. To this small robot, for example, its weight is only about 5 kg, compared with the Boston power company developed the big dog robot weight as high as 109 kg. De (Avik) is Pennsylvania相关的主题文章: