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E.merce Take an unconventional route to fashion with the most popular earring styles trending this season! Explore the different type of ear-candy available for earrings shopping online as well as in your local stores! The Ear-Cuff: Ear cuffs aren’t exactly the newest bauble in the jewelry scene, but they’ve had quite a .e-back lately! An ear-cuff is basically a statement piece that touches and curves around the outside of the ear and hugs the upper portion of the ear. Expand your ear jewellery wardrobe with trendy designer earring and check out the various styles available for earrings shopping online to pick the best styles to suit your style. The Ear- Wire: Think outside the box and style with adorable ear wire styles that adds a romantic edge to your look! The ear-wire unlike the ear-cuff travels up behind the ear to hug it into place and creates an ethereal floating effect! Pair it with cartilage hoops to grab attention wherever you go! The Wrap-Around: More elaborate and extravagant than the ear-cuff, the wrap-around curves behind the earlobe and shapes the cuff accordingly. Different variation are available for earrings shopping online from ones with dangling front and elaborate designs at the top of the earlobe! The Ear- Chain: Small on size but big on impact, ear-chains adds an effortless glam to your look. Ear chains are gorgeous add-ons that usually dangle from the lower side of the earlobe and kept in place with cartilage hoops. Explore different variations available in the market from dazzling Swarovski earrings, to simple ones with adorable charms attached from it. Traditionally ear-chain was used with heavy earrings to provide support to the ears but have had a resurgence recently in art-deco jewellery. The Band Cuff: Simple and stylish, the ear band cuffs increases your cool factor in an understated manner. Stacking and piling in a stylish manner is made way easier with these wardrobe-friendly add-ons! Made with simple metal hoops or embellished Swarovski earrings, band-cuffs are easy to wear as they don’t even require your ears to be pierced and can be worn by simply adjusting the hoop on the earlobe. The Ear Jacket: Play style peek-a-boo with Ear jacket, that are essentially an earring style that clips onto the ear from behind the earlobe and dangles while following the curve of the ear. These minimalistic metallic essentials .plements a plethora of styles and should be paired to add a whimsical charm to your look. The Stud Cuff: The stud-cuff is a stud earring with an extended half a hoop that sweeps down in the front. The duality of the style adds an edgy pretty charm to your look. Try donning it on one ear and pairing it with a stack of cartilage hoops to add the perfect panache to your look. Take your pick from the hautest cuff styles available and add an unexpected touch of rock and roll on your ears by checking out your favourite styles while earrings shopping online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: