Do Not Use Telemarketing Until You Read This

Business Let’s face it, cold calling is necessary but it is something very few of us like to do. Finally, technology has solved this problem for thousands of businesses. Now there is finally a way to get the leads and sales you need inexpensively and without hours of work or rejection. Best of all, interested people call you and ask for information, you do not chase them. This means you are not selling to people who are not interested, the voice robot calls thousands and you only speak with the ones that want more information. This saves time, increases success and reduces rejection. The answer to all your prospecting challenges is broadcast voice messaging. This advertising method broadcasts voice messages to targeted businesses or consumers. Theses are automated voice messages sent to thousands with just the push of a button. Used by People Who Know And Test Results Many salespeople and managers scoff at this method of advertising. Yet, these same people often laboriously dial the phones of strangers and try to sell without the benefit of a huge numbers advantage. A great performance by a human salesperson might be 70 calls per day. Automated systems cal deliver 10,000 calls per hour. Each method will connect with the same percentage of interested parties and the same percentage of the uninterested. The difference is in number of calls and reaches, rejection and results. While salespeople can only take calling for so long without being distracted, dejected or bored, the automated systems can call as often as you like for as long as you like. The Right List With The Right Message The secret to all prospecting is to match the right list or group of prospects with the right message. Voice broadcast .panies have millions of business numbers sorted by SIC code and by geography. You can easily contact all of the porters in Portland or all of the chicken pluckers in Chicken Feather Texas. You can contact every dentist in the country or even obscure trades like coffin makers. Whatever you sell, you can have a group of interested buyers. The best broadcast services are constantly updating these lists and do not charge for wrong numbers or non-working numbers. If you sell to consumers, you a good voice broadcasting service have lots of consumers as well, including entrepreneurs and new business owners. If you sell locally, we can get phone numbers in specific zip codes. No matter what you sell, with expert voice broadcasting help, you can find thousands of people who are interested in doing business with you. The right list is important but it must be .bined with the right message. Full service voice broadcasting services, we help you develop successful scripts by writing them for you, by recording them for you, or by giving you step by step, easy to follow advice on creating your own scripts that sell. Solving "Do Not Call" Challenges If you call to businesses, they are not covered by "Do Not Call" legislation. In four states, broadcast voice messages are illegal and should not be used. In the rest of the country, it is legal to call businesses. If you call consumers, be sure that your voice broadcasting service lists are washed against the do-not-call list. You should only receive numbers it is perfectly legal to contact. Average Costs & Effciency This is the best part! There is no more efficient way to sell. Each 30 second message costs as little as $19.00 per thousand to deliver. You are only charged if someone or their voice mail was reached, not for dialing attempts. Human telemarketers average $10.00 per hour in salary and benefits (not counting office costs and supervision or training). A good job by a telemarketer might be 20 "reaches" per hour or a cost per reach of $500.00 per 1,000 deliveries. A good voice broadcasting service requires no equipment, no training and get better results for a much lower cost. Average Returns I use voice broadcasting to sell my products and services. I average between 1% and 2% call backs. That is out of 1,000 reaches, I get between 10 and 20 contact to call me and ask for more information. This seems to be about average for many clients. If you pay $19.00 per thousand reaches and if you get even 10 to call you and ask for more information, your cost per interested lead is only $1.90, and it takes up virtually none of your times. You don’t chase business, you simply sell to interested parties. If you could sell more if you had more interested leads or if you could have a great sales staff if you had leads, I believe that a voice broadcasting service is the answer. It does the work and you get the sales for far less than any other form of advertising or prospecting. Best of all, you never face rejection. If you want more leads and more sales, I highly re.mend a good voice broadcasting service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: