Dolly empty and the second half of the city to subvert the traditional new norm

Dolly empty and the second half of the city to the new normal subversion of the traditional sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you falls this Friday the index Tiaokong Dikaidizou, the reason as everyone knows you, for a stock market in Europe and America, the regulation is not loose anti tight, three stock market for poverty alleviation. Over the weekend the hawkish fed rumors that U.S. stocks fell, even if the dovish remarks began to have counter, but yesterday fell again, the formation of two Yin Yang clip of a air gun. It is doubtful whether the interest rate hike in September, key stocks have been rising for seven years, has tripled, from more than 6 thousand points to more than 18 thousand points up, so the possibility of a larger mid peaked. The same weekend, the management of the backdoor reorganization tighter, and impose restrictions on the grading fund. Even more alarming is that the stock market has undertaken nearly 600 counties poverty alleviation task. In fact, this is the establishment of the securities market China be not at all surprising, the starting point is at the beginning of the turnaround service for the state-owned enterprises in twenty-six years of losses, the positioning of the stock market has never changed, the expansion of direct financing is to defuse the risk of indirect financing bank. Influence of superposition the heavy bad, Monday runs down so far did not fill the gap. Looking ahead, the market has been weakening again, and half a step, said the next city has yet to see, so that is the half of the city. The Fed rate hike lingering again RMB devaluation, the central bank also deleveraging in the financial market, monetary tightening, coupled with poverty alleviation task is arduous and onerous, the recent stock market can be predicted to go up, drop jump the gap is difficult. But there is a risk to hold president Liu Shiyu once again stressed that the bottom line system and repeatedly referred to Prime Minister Lee June 28th Davos forum said the changes to prevent blowout or cliff, the fact and the national team has been basically kongpan. So the continuous drop does not appear, there may be short-term in late May as defending 2800 points that defend 3000 points, although the intraday may be below. With the fermentation Fed rate hike is expected to heat up and bad, are likely to form has retreated to the market trend. Why the new normal subversion tradition? The first traditional technical analysis said that long disk will fall. However, in the top to prevent systemic risk under the idea, the national team has been under the premise of basic Kongpan, there may be no such thing as the disk will fall, the new normal is long sideways, no long-term trend, no breakthrough, no amount of. Second traditional technology analysis gap theory is very important. If it is cracked, the breakthrough is strong, or up or down. This Monday’s jump gap is not small, about 40 points or so, but not a few days to fill up. Fourteen years ago my "track" in the book front rhinoceros has an article called "gap: purse or trap" where "gap, immediately follow up in the hand, under the gap, a flesh to go". But in the face of this Monday jump gap, there is so panic? I think it is because of the new normal repeatedly said, so don’t be too alarmed, index of material well. (Sina blog) Sina statement: posted this article for biography相关的主题文章: