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Dongguan # foraging # sorry, like tea Yiqingbielian! Sohu and this summer, like tea hit you a great break the normal procedure brings the most fit milk cap, fruit tea three new products with a fatal temptation!! Ultra high color value, quickly became popular in the whole of Dongguan – Oh, you instantly cool [welfare] first burst from tomorrow (20168 31–2016 902) three new fruit tea, buy one get one, even three days!! Buy one to send, send three days!! Buy one to send, send three days!! Send high price, per person a cup (activity only East yonghuating shop) glass of red grapefruit some time ago, in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, orange powder blingbling Dongdong, finally appeared in Dongguan!! A cup of red grapefruit super wins the eye, a large full, feel the red grapefruit in her belly. Full glass of red grapefruit, covered with a layer of red grapefruit juice out Smoothie, with fresh Green Tea as the base, plus fresh red pomelo pulp. Every mouth is the taste of summer. A cup full of red grapefruit, nearly half a red grapefruit, drink when you can use Straw pricked, you can eat red grapefruit pulp. Ultra high color value, out of every 100 woman 99.99 would turn around, known as the new her sister approached artifact!! Fruit tea series are exclusive new cup, with a huge capacity 700ML. The new cup, the lid is more stable than before, not easy to leak out. Want to open, a little bit difficult. Super high yen value of it, no matter where to get lovemaking!! Super super fruit fruit seasons spring spring seasons, fruit tea industry with hitherto unknown sijichun tea tea, a cup of fruit 700ml, accounted for 60% of the amount of good faith!! Fruit tea is the field of fresh fruit, while watching the rhythm of swallowing. I like tea cut fruit rate is the fried chicken fast! A cup of fruit tea, there are strawberries, oranges, oranges, lemons, apples, a total of 5 kinds, drink a cup feel the world. Very intimate!! Fruit tea with exclusive forks, eating fruit is also very convenient. Lemon lime burst burst spring seasons four seasons spring is the three smallest a fresh appearance, seemingly simple, but it is not a drink. Each cup should use the perfume of lemon, or with low calorie weight candy, afraid of fat girl can drink indulgence!! Brush circle of friends like tea fruit tea, and finally came to Dongguan, there are three of the value of the content of the East, this summer has no regrets!! Ju Gao Yan, Mei Liao artifact can be taken out! If tomorrow you are drinking, taking advantage of this summer’s tail, might as well with a blue sky to a piece of this photo. Tomorrow to go to tea can drink fresh fruit tea still stay in the thick of the milk cover time? This summer, can not help but drink fruit tea about it?   相关的主题文章: