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Eat a hot to tears Biao Chengdu snacks, meet the Changchun on all fantasy hot! Sohu and a little greedy delicacy! Great benefits are waiting for you! Changchun chowhound WeChat group public number cccht6 Changchun chowhound who is coming to the bowl. Many iron children see the title, should know that the circle will introduce today is Chengdu snacks, of course, is not what the Sichuan and Hot pot ah… "Not" Chengdu snacks refers to the fire burning the hot snacks from Chengdu city! Now in Changchun by many iron son’s favorite! It can be said that to meet the fire of all fantasy hot changchun! You look forward to the double? [eleven]: a welfare activities from burning beef rabbit Ding any buy four get one, buy six get two, nine to three, and so on (as is cold to eat rabbit d) Hot pot bottom material welfare two: buy a send a diced rabbit only the top 1000 oh, time to fight hand speed to three welfare: the audience full of 98 yuan shipping (double eleven during a slight delay, please forgive ~) time: November 8, 2016 ~2016 year in November 10th at 23:59, don’t say I didn’t tell you ah ~ fire opening only three kind of snacks since! Crazy to sell 1000 bags a day, sometimes, is to wait for up to 3 hours in advance, are not necessarily able to eat a mouthful of meat! The VIP is know, ready? Spicy snacks pan ~ cold beef cold beef: spicy spicy, good taste, fragrant dry meat to eat in the mouth, the more chewing the more fragrant, spicy around the tip of the tongue, lead a person to endless aftertastes. Tear open the package, the whole office was filled with Beef Pepper, as if the next side, saliva can not stop to stay! Cold beef, the bracket of the essence of sinew meat, as raw materials. High protein content. A normal 700 pounds of cattle, only a total of 28 pounds can be made to eat cold beef! Four percent soul delicious! The boss personally selected materials, each kind of ingredients will be carefully selected, spicy but not heartburn! And each bag of beef is packed, very carefully! Eat cold cold eat rabbit rabbit ding ding: Spicy burst juice, fresh and not greasy, small fry, are now sold, minutes after blasting hot strip! Catch your heart! The choice of pepper, bright red color, bright Cheng, carefully selected pepper, spicy and not hurt the stomach. Fried rabbit Ding is full of fragrance! Just out of the pot of thick pepper fragrance to every corner, the taste is full of temptation and fantasy, to stimulate your taste buds! Hot pot bottom material Hot pot bottom material: across the screen can feel the charm of Hot pot from Sichuan, cold days imagine boiling Hot pot heart Zizi, warm ~ every shipment, Hot pot bottom material single rate and return rate are high, Changchun weather every day is cold, Hot pot it is quite popular, the most important is not home to taste the authentic Sichuan Hot pot, think about the beautiful! High force grid packaging, leading the new fashion ~ no相关的主题文章: