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Enjoy a taste of Cornwall coastal scenery tourism – Sohu — southern England self driving travel fourteen in the UK southwest end had a Celtic Kingdom, where there are beautiful without stop beach, steep cliffs, clean and beautiful blue bay, pleasant and peaceful fisherman’s wharf. But once the Celtic kingdom is the Cornwall area of England today, is Britain’s most famous tourist resort. The triangle below is a map of England is Cornwall in southwest Plymouth. We will spend a week playing the "triangle", enjoy the southwest coast of England. In the south of England from driving for fifth days, we walked along the northwest coast of Cornwall, raid more than and 100 kilometers, the first station stop is Tintagel castle, the second station is the beautiful seaside town of newquay. Newquay, a seaside town in Cornwall, England, is located in the North Atlantic coast, is a picturesque fishing port, is also popular seaside resort. It is said that this town has been the England media as the ten largest beach town in Britain, unfortunately, we are not the time. The wife and I drove into town, the sea breeze will be wrapped in a rain temperature dropped to unbearable, daughter-in-law no mood down to the sea, but fortunately we ran into the supermarket, a whole heap of fruits and vegetables into the car. Then, my wife took me to find a restaurant ready to fill the stomach. With luck, in a seaside restaurant, we found a never seen "seafood", is absolutely vital, students. Spent 4 pounds to buy a box, and then into a small restaurant, the daughter-in-law will never want to come out. I do! Of course, still have to look at the sea, to tell the truth, the sea is really good, frozen! To tell the truth, this is really quite delicious fresh seafood. St Ives, Cornwall, facing another seaside resort town of the North Atlantic coast of St Ives, where the beach was also named one of the ten best beaches in europe. Even the cold June so many people wearing a down jacket, but the small streets of the little town, still crowded streams of people busily coming and going. My wife and I do not want to go to the beach, because we put all the clothes wrapped around the body, but also not enough to withstand the ravages of the sea breeze. There’s another reason for setting the town of St Ives as a point on our journey. 100 years ago, this place was once the busiest fishing port all England sardines, almost half of all consumer sardines from St Ives. Today, the town because of sardines also set up a museum, is used to describe the history and the once brilliant sardines. Because we went to town too late, we missed the chance to go to the museum. Although a little late, but I still accompany a wife in a small town street shopping for a long time. Let us feel the town the most unusual place is the alleyways there, look at my photos, I couldn’t pass the narrow. Of course, let me remember is a warm encounter. When we were in a parking lot to pay for parking, an old man came up to his wife and took out his parking ticket相关的主题文章: