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Mobil-.puting After iPhone, Apple came with an amazing device, Apple iPad that has changed the experience of the web browsing, taking photos, emailing your buddies, and making videos. iPad is the first choice of developers for developing unique and innovative applications. There are numerous online technical resources and support provided by Apple for iPad app developer to develop iPad apps. From Operating System Software Development Kit to human interface guidelines, one can find all required things that used while developing. Let’s take a look of various resources and tools. iOS SDK 4: Firstly, an iPad app developer require to familiarize with the iOS SDK 4, which is the foundation software platform for developing iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices applications. Potential developers have to register themselves with Apple at the iOS Dev Center for using the iOS SDK 4. iPad application developers only use the iOS SDK on an Intel Mac .puter that runs a current version of Mac OS X. iOS development Tools: Xcode, one of the best suite of tools, is available with the iOS environment. Using Xcode, developers are free to manage his projects by building executable programs, editing source code, managing source code revisions and fine-tune the program performance, debugging source code, etc. iPad app developer can take help of an iOS simulator or the iPad itself for testing an application. Apart from Xcode, users can also design a user interface with Interface Builder for his/her application. Instruments can be used by the developers to fine-tune the performance of an iPad application. Objective-C: iPad app developer requires to program with the Objective-C programming language to develop iPad apps. Having a question what is Objective-C ? It is one type of an object-oriented extension of the ANSI C programming language, containing features like polymorphism, inheritance and encapsulation. With .h extension, one can identify Objective-C source header files. .m is the the accepted extension for source files Objective-C and C code. It is totally different from the typical source file extension of c++, .cpp or .cxx. The source files are signified by the .mm extension, including Objective-C, C++ and C code. Developing a Universal Application: As an iPad app developer, you have an idea that there are three types of applications such as iPad, iPhone and Universal. Developer can easily optimize iPhone applications for the iPhone and iPod, but it can also operate on the iPad as well in their real resolution. Talking about the iPad applications, it only runs on the iPad, not iPhone or iPod Touch as they are smaller in size. Universal applications are one of the best applications as it can be operated on all Apple’s iPhone OS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is re.mended by Apple to use the iPhone SDK 3.2 for creating best Universal applications. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: