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Experts say | say the child’s creativity is very important, do you know how to cultivate the Sohu mother every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain this gift when we grew up. Picasso — you do not know the parents have this feeling, that creativity, we naturally think of early childhood education. It’s like early childhood education is to cultivate the creativity of children, so that they grow up with innovative and unique ideas. But what is creativity? How can we develop our children’s creativity? Today, Mr. Ma Yating came to talk to us about the child’s creativity. First of all, let us do a little test: please judge whether the child’s performance in accordance with the following description: haven’t seen anything of a love; ask "why"; have a lot of hobbies; go to the park to play love going in a different way; love and toys, want to know the internal structure of toy. The description above, if your child’s performance meets the most, that the child has very good creativity, if the children have a lot of items do not meet, then talk with small excellent reading article today ~ creativity is according to certain purpose and task, carry out active thinking activities, generating new knowledge, the ability to create new things the. The history of human evolution, the numerous "invention", is the concrete manifestation of creativity. The creation of new concepts, new theories, new technologies, new equipment, new methods, and the creation of new works are all manifestations of creativity. Creativity is very valuable for children, it is not only beneficial to social progress, but also conducive to the development of children’s personality. The higher the creative ability of the children tend to have a better personality and positive emotional experience, the performance of self-confidence self-reliance, a wide range of interests, curiosity, imagination, rich emotion, etc.. Creative children are more sensitive to people and things, ideas, problems, often is inquisitive, but not easily meet the simple answer questions; they also have their own unique views, usually buanpailichupai. Every child is creative. Some parents may feel that children do not know, only know naughty trouble, talk about how to create? In fact, if you look carefully at your child, you will find that the child has long been a creative language or behavior. For example, playing with dolls at home, he put a doll to mouth blocks, saying "well behaved baby sister, hello you cookies", also issued a "mouth with ah Ma Ma" chewing sound; will a few leaves on a branch, is a string of mutton string, then he lazily cry of "selling mutton string"; if to provide the children with a pile of sand, the performance is more prominent in their creativity…… For children, creativity is conceived in new and exotic fantasies, sprouting in a mischievous prank. As parents, we must see and protect children’s creative potential. Family is the cradle of children’s creativity. Cultivate children’s creativity, need to create a good environment for family education, to provide children with a wealth of life and content!相关的主题文章: