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Travel-and-Leisure Friedrich Wilderness Park and San Antonio Vacations If you see Friedrich Wilderness Park for the first time you will wonder how a place like it can survive in a highly urbanized setting like what you see all around when you go on San Antonio Vacations. The park has an area of 240 acres and it is the only wildlife preserve in the whole of San Antonio; residents are trying very hard to protect and conserve what little is left of their resources for future generations. If you love nature or the great outdoors then you would surely appreciate the pedestrian only policy the park management has adopted over the years; even camping and bringing of pets is not allowed inside to further protect the wildlife. Among the many attractions in the park are a variety of birds, white tail deer, cotton tail rabbits, raccoons and squirrels which park management believe are just a portion of the flora and fauna population that manages to survive. Take time to drop by at Friedrich Wilderness Park and help efforts to conserve it. Las Canarias and San Antonio Vacations What makes Texas such an incredible place to go to is its colorful history and when you go on San Antonio Vacations you should get a table at Las Canarias Restaurant for a taste of what makes San Antonio a top tourist destination. Through the management of Omni La Mansion del Rio, Las Canarias has emerged as one of the best dining places in Texas due to its superb food and wonderful presentation of the states culture and history. Las Canarias is built on three levels with a direct path down to the famed River Walk where a mix of Spanish and other European influences are evident in the display and architecture; the food also speaks volumes to the heritage of San Antonio with a healthy dose of international favorites. With the kind of amenities Omni La Mansion del Rio and Las Canarias has, its no surprise that they get a AAA Four Diamond rating which can only mean youre not squandering away your money if you spend a day or two here. Visit Las Canarias and enjoy San Antonio. San Antonio Vacations: Special River Cruise Packages for your Family If ever you decide to book San Antonio Vacations, then, dont fail to try out the Special River Cruise Packages being offered by The Westin Riverwalk San Antonio. You can have a deluxe bedroom where in you can take your whole family with you partner and 2 kids for $229. Whats more is that you can get to cruise the Rio San Antonio River an offer good for 4 persons, a turn down service and breakfast meals are included as well for mom and dad with free food available for children below 12 years of age. When booking for this particular package, mention this code to the operator: RIVERCP to properly facilitate your reservation. Tell the front desk officer that you would be availing the Special River Cruise Package. Just remember that a room can ac.modate 4 persons with that rate and promo will run until December 31, 2010. Rio San Antonio is a very scenic river, and if you like to be there with your loved ones, all you have to do is reserve for a weekend and enjoy each others .pany. San Antonio Vacations and Mancation Package Mancation refers to trips taken by men with their buddies to do something together like sports and binge drinking; San Antonio Vacations offer some of the best spot for guys getaways. Hotel Valencia San Antonio Riverwalk is offering a Mancation package for $199 a night which includes a deluxe room, 2 .plimentary wel.e cigars with chips and two coupons for drinks for every night of stay, and a 20% discount in Citrus Restaurant. Have fun playing golf, do fishing, go hiking, enjoy boat rides, barbecues, and play games Las Vegas style that you and your buddies will surely never f.et; while having the time of your lives you also get to stay at two Overlook Suites of Lodge at Turkey Cove for only $290 for each person for two nights. But keep in mind that Mancations are clean fun and fooling around will lose its essence. Go to San Antonio if you want to find the best places to have one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: