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Self-Improvement Feng Shui products that represent wealth are ideal for business and work places. But you can also use them as home dcor to bring prosperity to your family. Spread old Chinese coins around the room or wear them as amulets. These Feng Shui products depict the unification of heaven and earth. You may also use the three-legged toad, another popular item thought to bring good fortune to any person who uses it. Its also said to be one of the most pious items in Feng Shui. Then there is also the Feng Shui money tree, that attracts entry of money into the home or business. Feng Shui products for wealth wont be .plete without a mention of the most prominent Feng Shui symbolthe laughing Buddha. Buddha statues are considered talisman for good fortune, happiness, and contentment. People love this symbolic item since wealth is nothing if one is not happy or contented with his life. Its no wonder every home and business place in China is equipped with this item. You wouldnt even find a single Chinese restaurant even in other parts of the world, which doesnt have this fixture. People rub the belly of Buddha statues for good luck. Many believe that these statues can grant wishes. They are usually placed in the main door of the home or business area to channel in good fortune and to direct misfortune out the door. You can also place Buddha statues in different areas of the home or workplace, except in the bathroom because this will flush the wealth down the drain. Feng Shui Items for Love and Romance In Chinese belief, love and romance are the key ingredients in having a happy home. Without these important elements, successful marriage and raising children in a positive environment will not be possible. To ensure that your love life goes as smoothly as possible, decorate your home with objects that depict a pair of geese or Mandarin ducks. These animals symbolize faithfulness and eternal love. Another lovely item to have is the statue of the peony, which illustrates youth, beauty, and romance. To have a harmonious relationship with your loved one, let the old Feng Shui item lute guide your marriage. Draw joy to your family by having Feng Shui lanterns illumine your home. For successful partnership, a couple should keep pink or rose quartz crystals and stone items. Feng Shui Products for Health Even if you have the riches of the world or the love of the person youve always dreamed of, if you are not in the pink of health, you wont be able to enjoy all these things. This is why, it is crucial to equip yourself with Feng Shui products that bring good health. One example of this is an object depicting a crane, which is a lucky bird that is believed to bring harmony and life longevity. Another wonderful symbol of longevity is the pine tree since it is one of the few trees that do not shed in winter. Having a statue of a peach tree can also provide protection for ones health. Feng Shui products can bring so much goodness into your life, more than you could ever expect. Consider including these in your home and office and look forward to having more positive energies .ing in. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: