For the Fujian Zhangping mountain forest destroyed by the new network – ten villagers in penalty k9084

For the Fujian Zhangping mountain forest destroyed dozen villagers received a penalty – Beijing new network in Zhangping in November 14, (Zhan Zhufang Jiang Minjia) heard a mountain for their fathers Shanchang, Fujian Zhangping ten villagers for back to the mountain, the trees planted by others split off, not only do not want to take back the mountain itself in prison. Fujian Zhangping court 14 disclosure, the Institute has held a hearing on this series of cases, Su more than ten people due to intentional destruction of property crimes were sentenced to one year probation for nine months, from two years and three months to nine months imprisonment, suspended for one year and three months period of punishment. April 19, 2015 (the 1th day of the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar) later, the defendant sumou et al., in order to fight back "in a village of Xinqiao Town of Zhangping City Zhang Keng mountain (the mountain Zengmou, a tour, an easy three people, the organization of the contract) family of the villagers in the village of Guanyin temple on hilltops matters agreed in the 3th day of the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar by the women to mountain mountain. In April 21st of the same year (the 3th day of the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar) at 8 o’clock in the morning, the defendant sumou luggage ready to go out to work, to go to mountain women note before leaving the hilltops stressed. After the defendant Lin, Chen and Su family women more than ten people carrying hack, hoes and other tools, to the mountain to victims Zengmou three Tung planting saplings 2261, schimasuperba saplings 288 split off. In November 5th of the same year, the defendant sumou et al. Active and victims Zengmou, a tour, easy to reach a compensation agreement, and by Chen and three people ahead of a one-time compensation to victims of reforestation costs 26000 yuan, has made the understanding of victims. The court held that the defendant sumou, Lin agreed or together with others, others deliberately destroyed trees saplings of 2549 trees, including tung tree saplings 2261, schimasuperba saplings 288, if the circumstances are especially serious, their behavior had constituted the crime of intentional destruction of property, should be punished according to law. The defendant sumou in the crime plays a major role, is the principal, shall be in accordance with the participation of all criminal punishment; the defendant Lin et al played a secondary role in the crime is an accomplice, should be mitigated punishment according to law; it can automatically surrendered, truthfully confessed his crime, is a surrender, can reduce the punishment, and actively compensate the victims of economic losses, and obtain the understanding of victims, appropriate sentences, then made the above decision. (end)相关的主题文章: