From the sale of 5 million 470 thousand Rolls-Royce black badge listed Sohu auto – Phantom k9084

From the sale of 5 million 470 thousand Rolls-Royce Black Badge – car Sohu listed the Sohu of new car]10 29, Rolls-Royce officially announced the Black Badge officially listed in China, as Rolls-Royce’s a flagship sports car style, the new price is 5 million 470 thousand yuan. The basic price of Rolls-Royce phantom models for 4 million 730 thousand yuan, Black Badge package is priced at 740 thousand yuan. Compared to other packages, Black Badge kit and not limited supply, at the same time, customers can according to their different needs, can continue to be optional on the basis of the Black Badge so do not have a fixed price. Appearance: the Black Badge in order to highlight the movement of elements, the new car uses a black as the theme, in addition to the new black paint, Rolls-Royce was born for the first time in 112 years will be LOGO color design on the basis of the original, the black silver font color collocation. At the same time, the new front iconic decoration to celebrate the goddess also adopted a new material — dark black high gloss chrome cast, marking the Parthenon collocation grille, looks more highlight the charm, while the new car uses a unique style 21 inch wheels, by the combination of titanium and carbon fiber material to create. The rear part, compared to other versions of the same Badge Black phantom phantom, dark light technique for high chrome exhaust gas, making it look more low-key. Interior: Although the Black Badge phantom in the overall design did not change, but the choice of materials to highlight the first out of the ordinary, black collocation cobalt blue color interior, does not see more in other Rolls-Royce models. At the same time, console and interior trim panels are made of carbon fiber and aluminum wire, the visual effect is very unique. At the same time in the Rolls-Royce models of standard clock in the back seat of the central, there are infinite symbols, the meaning of his official definition: the expression of Black Badge’s bold attitude and desire to break through the limit. In addition, the new car also can perform a variety of optional, such as fine top stars. Power: the new car is equipped with the re adjustment of the 6.6T twin turbocharged V12 engine maximum power of 632 horsepower, peak torque of 870 cattle · M. The data in the sale of the ordinary version of the phantom of the peak torque up to 70 meters, cattle · transmission is 8 speed automatic gearbox.相关的主题文章: