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Travel-and-Leisure Popular Destinations with Buenos Aires Cheap Flights Called the Paris of South America because of the heavy influence of its European colonists, Buenos Aires is still full of the character of its resident porteos. Land in with your Buenos Aires cheap flights and see this awe-inspiring city in its entire splendor. The activities and attractions waiting for you are near endless. Make sure you include the Cabildo in your itinerary, this is the first government building in the city of Buenos Aires (1580) and is now a museum where a collection of old weapons, medals and garments from the time of the independence (1816) and earlier are on show. Next, visit the Jardin Japones, the largest Japanese-themed botanical garden outside of Japan; the Jardin has an onsite cultural center, restaurant, a bonsai tree collection, and a gift shop that peddles works of local artists. Jardin Japones also has a central lake, teeming with Koi. Another must see is the Teatro Colon. Another must see is the Teatro Colon, one of the world’s premier opera houses, it has hosted musical greats such as Maria Callas, Toscanini, Stravinsky, and Caruso. Buenos Aires Cheap Flights and Notable Streets of the City Some of the most interesting thoroughfares in the world can be found in Buenos Aires. Fly in with your Buenos Aires cheap flights and draw up an itinerary that includes these interesting thoroughfares. Start your adventures with Avenida Alvear, a street that passes through the upscale Recoleta area lined with five-star hotels, embassies, palaces, and French academy architecture. Avenida Alvear runs from the Plazoleta Carlos Pellegrini to Alvear Plaza, a total of seven blocks. Pass by Caminito, colorfully restored by local artist Benito Quinquela Martn. Caminito retains its European charm from early settlers who hail from the Italian city of Genoa. Have a taste of Tango and Porteo culture in Avenida Corrientes. Linking downtown to the upscale areas of the northwest, Avenida del Libertador also passes by some of the city’s best-known museums, gardens and cultural destinations. Avenida de Mayo is another notable destination with its buildings done in Art Nouveau, Neoclassic and eclectic styles; equally important are Florida Street and Avenida 9 de Julio, named in honor of Argentina’s Independence Day. Buenos Aires Cheap Flights and Pub Crawls One of the alternative tour packages fast gaining popularity is the pub crawl. These involve a group of people travelling around a particular city district by foot, they visit most famous or notable pubs, bars, and watering holes while sampling the best each establishment has to offer. Fast popular around the world, pub crawls present travelers an opportunity to learn about a place through local drinks and spirits. So, if youre ever headed to the beautiful country of Argentina, there is now a good way to learn more about the country and its people, while having fun. Go on pub crawls with Buenos Aires cheap flights and get to know more about the Paris of South America as you meet city locals while you experience its world-famous nightlife. For just 20 USD, youll get to sample the best of Buenos Aires by night with fellow travelers from around the world. Some pub crawl packages include free pizza, .plimentary shooters at each bar you visit, drink discounts, an open bar (during registration), and free admission to a club. The pub crawl organizers also offer the tour for free to anyone celebrating a birthday. Honeymoon Destinations with Buenos Aires Cheap Flights Have an off the beaten track honeymoon and take up something more exciting by heading south, to great honeymoon getaways with Buenos Aires cheap flights. Buenos Aires is the pearl of South America and is one of the worlds most historic cities; it has the romance and charm that any European city can offer. The land of tango, coffee, and football offers a lot more than what may possibly have read about it. Start by seeing the architectural gems of the city: the Cabildo de Buenos Aires, the original seat of power in Argentina; the Monumento a Sarmiento, a statue of former Argentine President Domingo Sarmiento sculpted by Rodin; and the famous Plaza de Mayo, founded in 1580, .memorating the May Revolution. Despite its independence, Argentina has been left with a Spanish legacy that has never left themreligion. This affinity for religion is evidenced by the number of churches and religious sites scattered throughout the country. Include these churches in your itinerary: the Baslica de Santo Domingo, an 18th-century Dominican church with a long and colorful history; the Iglesia Santa Catalina, founded in 1745 and Buenos Aires’ first convent; and the Iglesia de Nuestra Seora del Pilar, a colonial church with spectacular baroque decor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: