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Guangxi Dongxing customs cracked gang smuggled 4 major culprits arrested – Beijing Beijing in September 30 Fangchenggang Xinhua (Li Minjun Wang Shuyan) Guangxi Dongxing Customs Department 30 days to report, after careful arrangements, Dongxing Customs Department in the days before the joint uncovered gang smuggled cases, 4 suspects arrested. According to the Department of the Dongxing customs, Dongxing customs in cooperation with the local public security, border and customs duty of the armed police force, 28 morning dispatched more than 60 police officers to "GN1618" the gang smuggled case arrests in Guangxi of Dongxing city to carry out the code, arrested criminal suspects 4, suspects seized a number of documentary evidence, material evidence. After the initial check, the tobacco smuggling Gang since May 2016 to the incident, suspected of smuggling alcohol more than 3000 pieces, worth more than 15 million yuan, allegedly evaded state taxes more than 750 yuan. According to reports, the gang involved in the process of operation, make full use of Dongxing and Vietnam a river location convenient, first on one side of the tobacco supply shipped to Vietnam Vietnam organization the port, from the Beilun River along the border between China and Vietnam set by the way ants move close to the smuggling entry, and smuggled goods hiding in nearby Beilun riverside Luofu village, finally will be smuggled disguised as ordinary parcel freight logistics channel to the outside, or directly to foreign sales. It is involved in the action of the anti smuggling police, the Gang first sight is due to enter the customs of the local people call report. By the early verification operation, activities of anti smuggling police successfully locked the suspect and find out. The action that night, taking into account the Luo Fu Cun complex geographical environment and social situation of Dongxing City, the team also used outflanking tactics assured action, arrest of success. Tobacco as a key tax goods, this year is the customs departments to carry out the "key country sword 2016" joint special operations to combat the. Dongxing Customs said, as the Sino Vietnamese border in Dongxing set the first line of defense related to smuggling, smuggling will continue to adhere to find signs of the investigation, found that up to resolutely combat smuggling and deepening and cross sectoral coordination, multi force between the formation, and jointly promote the multi chains border management system. (end)相关的主题文章: