Haikou city public toilets for hydropower difficult multi departments on-site office to solve 9c8996

Haikou city public toilets for hydropower difficult   multi departments on-site office to solve — people.com.cn Hainan channel — people.com.cn five area manager Zhang Xiufeng in the West three-in-one guide fine work of people.com.cn Hainan channel on 23 October, October 21 PM, Haikou city CPPCC members, the "double hit" command deputy commander Feng Honghao, Haikou city sanitation researcher Paul Liu, director of Longhua District Sanitation Bureau Wu Lei, Haikou Longma sanitation general manager Luo Fuhai and Water Bureau, power supply bureau, Veolia Water, open source, China Southern Power Grid and many other functional departments in the west of the city sanitation station on-site office, solve the problem with the toilet water. The commander on-site meeting the requirements of water supply, electricity in the month before the end, we must find out all the water supply situation, to solve the difficulties of toilet water and electricity. On the same day, Haikou Longhua sanitation system has dispatched 3054 passengers on the main road, area Beijiexiaoxiang, three districts and villages and other areas to start cleaning up cleaning work, all day long to clean up 933 tons of garbage, clean up abandoned furniture and 38 tons of construction waste, all kinds of environmental sanitation vehicles dispatched 311 vehicles to carry out sanitation work trips, cleaning corner 11, clean up dead out sanitation workers 55 people, clean up dead 5 tons of garbage. The water sweeper cleans and cleans 260 roads, and the water sanitation sends out 36 sanitation workers, 8 ships, and cleans up about 5 tons of rubbish in Jinniu lake, Haikou Bay, Dragon Ball Bay, Datong ditch, long Kun ditch, West collapse bridge and so on. Inspectors three bags before persuasion 5, rectification on the spot finished. 1 pieces of supervision and handling. 1023 cleaning bags, cleaning 240 liters of garbage cans 55, cleaning 660 liters of garbage cans 50. The workers refuse to pick up the green belt to assist Longkun south water workers cleaning the road of the red mud mound high trash in 240 liters of cleaning workers Longkun Lane (commissioning editor Wang Ning and Jiang Chengliu) 海口城西公厕用水电难 多部门现场办公解决–人民网海南频道–人民网 五片区经理张秀凤在城西三位一体指导精细化作业 人民网海南频道10月23日电 10月21下午,海口市政协党组成员、市“双创”工作指挥部副指挥长冯鸿浩、海口市环卫调研员刘波、龙华区环卫局局长吴雷、海口龙马环卫总经理罗福海与水务局、供电局、威立雅、开源水务、南方电网等多家职能部门领导在城西环卫站现场办公,解决公厕用水、用电问题。 冯指挥长现场会议要求水务、电力在本月底前,必须摸清所有的供水供电情况,务必解决公厕用水用电存在的困难。 当日,海口龙华环卫系统共出动3054人次对辖区的主干道、背街小巷、三无小区及城中村等区域展开清理清扫工作,全天共清理生活垃圾933吨,清理废弃家具和建筑垃圾38吨,各类环卫车出动了311车次的车辆开展环卫作业,清理卫生死角11处,清理卫生死角出动环卫工人55人,清理卫生死角垃圾5吨。水车清扫车清扫、清洗道路260条, 水上环卫出动环卫工人36人、船只8艘、在金牛湖、海口湾、龙珠湾、大同沟、龙昆沟、西崩潭桥等清理垃圾约5吨。巡查人员门前三包劝导5家,当场整改完毕。整改督办件1件。各片区清洗果皮箱1023个,清洗240升垃圾桶55个,清洗660升垃圾桶50个。 工人在龙昆南快车道捡拾绿化带垃圾 水车协助龙昆南段工人清洗路面的红泥土 山高段工人清洗240升垃圾桶 (责编:王宁、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: