Happy holidays to the lottery to win the first prize of more than 7 million 590 thousand yuan – Sohu-msvbvm60.dll

To celebrate the festival surprise to lottery champion double chromosphere award more than 7 million 590 thousand yuan – Sohu October 4th, double chromosphere 2016116th stage lottery, winning number red ball for 7,18,20,23,27,31, basketball for 13. In the current period, the first prize of 6 notes has been issued nationwide, and the amount of the single note award is more than 7 million 590 thousand yuan. These 6 note prizes were awarded by Jiangsu, Gansu, Chongqing and other provinces and cities. Gansu won the 3 note lottery alone, is the biggest winner in the period! I like the current province in the 1 note first prize, was a friend of Suqian get lucky in the lottery, sold in Suqian City Bu Zi Zhen Jie Bei Ju Wei Hui Sucheng District No. 32130118 of the lottery betting station, ticket time is 11:11 on October 3rd for 33 seconds, winning the lottery is to copy a ticket 5 note, spent 10 yuan money, one of the first injection and current winning numbers exactly the same, a total of more than 759 yuan bonus. This is the third time in 2016 in Suqian, the first prize of double chromosphere. That night, except for the first prize of 6 notes, but also out of 52 note two prize, single note award amount to more than 370 thousand yuan. The double chromosphere 2016116th lottery after the pool of funds accumulated 997 million 620 thousand yuan rolled into the next phase of the first prize.

欢度佳节惊喜至 彩民揽双色球一等奖759万多元-搜狐  10月4日,双色球第2016116期开奖,中奖号码红色球为7,18,20,23,27,31,蓝球为13。   当期全国开出6注一等奖,单注奖额为759万多元。这6注一等奖分别被江苏、甘肃、重庆等多个省、市彩民中得。甘肃彩民独自捧得其中的3注,是当期的最大赢家!当期我省喜中1注一等奖,被宿迁的一位彩民朋友幸运中得,售出于宿迁市宿城区埠子镇街北居委会编号为32130118的福彩投注站,出票时间为10月3日11点11分33秒,中奖彩票是一张5注的复制票,花费了10元钱,其中的第一注与当期的中奖号码完全一致,共计获得奖金759万余元。这是宿迁市2016年第三次中出双色球一等奖。   当晚全国除开出6注一等奖外,还开出52注二等奖,单注奖额为37万多元。双色球第2016116期开奖结束后,奖池资金累计99762万元滚入下期一等奖。相关的主题文章: