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Hefei National Day travel Raiders scurry train can go Easy Access according to the provisions of this year’s National Day holiday toll free time for the October 1st 0 to October 7th 24, a total of 7 days. During the free passage seven below (including seven) passenger vehicles and motorcycles to allow the ordinary toll road toll free will. The center of Anhui province police joint command 26 issued in 2016 of the National Day holiday highway travel guide, the National Day holiday travel is expected to peak in October 1st and on the morning of 2 7-10 all day long, return peak in the afternoon of October 6th and 7, all day long holiday, end node intercity surrounding traffic volume is expected to increase, when the wrong peak travel advice. The 7 section of the maximum pressure according to the previous National Day golden week free traffic laws, traffic peak period mainly concentrated in the end node holiday. Is the National Day holiday this year in Anhui Province, high-speed traffic pressure is the most prominent there are 7 main sections: G5011 high-speed rail to Wu Wang Shidaoshan, Yong Town to Wuhu bridge section; G4001 Hefei city north central section; G40 high-speed Shanghai and Shaanxi six leaf Xu Ji to Lu’an north to Hefei and West interchange bridge; G4212 speed Yan Dian to Lujiang; G36 Ningluo high-speed large hub minggguang east Liu ying. The most prominent exchange for traffic pressure are mainly 7: G4001 Hefei City, Longxi Hefei West interchange, interchange junction interchange, G3 Beijing high-speed copper yellow section of Ma Yan soup exchange, G4211 exchange, Nanjing Wuhu Wu Ma high-speed interchange, G40 high-speed Shanghai and Shaanxi six leaf Xu set exchange. The most prominent is the toll crossing traffic pressure are mainly 7: Hefei G4001 Jinzhai Beltway Road, Baohe Avenue, Shushan crossing, G3 Beijing high-speed copper yellow section of the South Gate of Mount Huangshan export G36, Ningluo speed Nanjing Chu Cao Zhuang export, G40 Shanghai and Shaanxi high-speed export Wu Zhuang Nanjing, Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed G50 Xuanguang Anhui and Zhejiang crossing section. It is worth mentioning that the earlier congestion Hefei Chaohu Wuhu centralized high-speed Shidaoshan tunnel emergency construction works have been completed, the new tunnel is expected to be put into use in the national day, will greatly ease the Wuhu and high-speed traffic. Some sections of Demi pass during the national day, the high-speed road maintenance and construction for the implementation of Demi two-way traffic are: Nanjing Beltway direction 32 km to 33 km +025 meters +750 meters (section of high speed rail station); Hefei 30 km to 32 km +896 meters +025 meters (Gao Tienan Road); Hefei 30 km +896 to 32 meters +25 meters. The high-speed Longxi hub of Wuhu to the direction of Nanjing construction, vehicles from Feidong toll station bypass. Mussels close to the high-speed Hefei direction 72 km +812 m to 73 km +210 M. The Provincial Railway Police joint command center to remind, during the National Day holiday, dangerous goods vehicles (protection of high-speed service area oil vehicles restricted highway). Because of the Hefei section of the Beltway high speed rail station construction, proposal prepared by Baohe road in Hefei city on the high-speed vehicles crossing on the other. Urban roads, as Hefei Wanda text brigade has been officially opened, it is recommended to go there to play the vehicle selection相关的主题文章: