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High IQ and low IQ children should be encouraged to learn together, or against the Sohu mother in 1975, the United States Congress passed the "handicapped children education act", the bill is designed to maximize avoid abnormal students share out, so that the abnormal children can be fully integrated into the traditional education system. But the education act in the implementation is also facing some difficulties, put forward higher request to the classroom teacher, because teaching a student ability difference class is not a simple matter, teachers must have high quality, can be targeted to guide these children learn better. Of course, not all children with disabilities should attend regular schools in the United states. Children with mental retardation were classified as mild, moderate, severe and extremely severe. Mild retardation, refers to the intelligence test scores in the 5055 – 70 range of mental retardation, mental retardation usually accounted for 90% of the individual, they through appropriate training, can reach the third grade to the sixth grade level of education, but can be very successful independent to have a job and live. Moderate retardation, refers to the intelligence test scores in the 35 40-50 55 children, accounting for about 5% – 10%, the conventional education often can not effectively train the moderate retardation people acquire academic skills, because they generally cannot cross the second grade level, but can learn some occupation and social skills, and live alone in the familiar place. Severe and extremely severe retardation, IQ score of 20 25-35 in children with severe retardation, while less than 2025 of the extremely severe retardation of. These children usually do not have or do not have the language ability, may require 24 hours of care. Some severe retardation also can learn basic self-care skills, such as clothes and eat, they even have developed in some direction like an adult independent potential; but most people still continue to need to see a relatively high level, spent most of his time in the specialized agencies. Although the education bill passed by the United States is a good guarantee of the right to education for children with disabilities, is it fair to compare with those with high IQ? For example, a teacher in the classroom, when she repeatedly guide students until they master, some children feel very boring and tired; on the contrary, for gifted children classes, the situation is completely different, students are very active and learn quickly. Therefore, some educators have proposed to speed up and enrich the two educational methods. The accelerated method allows gifted children develop at their own pace, they will skip to a higher grade. The rich approach is to allow gifted children to be in their original grade, but to provide them with special courses and individualized activities. Most studies have shown that the acceleration program is very effective, a lot of gifted children than their peers, compared with the normal age of children, as well, sometimes better than them. The United States, a math genius youth study program, these students not only successfully completed the!相关的主题文章: