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Home-Audio-Video When you hear the term Home Automation, you might easily think that such a thing is only viable for people with modern looking houses and lots of money. What you might not realize is, as long as you have the major components for home automation and a little knowledge about wiring and computers, you can actually automate your home. Why should you consider automating you home and what benefits will you and your family gain from such a move? Home automation has gotten a bad rap from some people seeing it as a lazy mans paradise, and you cannot actually blame some people for this outlook. Having your system make coffee, turn lights on and off as well as open and close windows without you lifting a finger may seem like something a lazy person may want. What some people do not know is that home automation goes beyond the automatic on and off of HVACs, lights and appliances. This particular system actually gives you a centralized way to get your house organized and protected. From timing your security systems to go on and off, to having lighting controls to simulate people being home when there is no one, to telling you that your fridge needs cleaning all of these can be done with the use of a home automation system. Of course, along with these comes the convenience of being able to program and automate certain tasks from one central command center (usually your computer or a tablet). Not only will you be able to set timers for your appliances and home systems to turn on and off, but you can also set certain specifics for these. You can set your HVAC unit to turn on and remain at a certain temperature up to a specific hour and change temperatures or turn off once that hour is reached. You can also set lighting brightness, window shade angles and the like with this particular system. What a home automation system can actually do for you is more than just make things easier. It also helps save you time. Having your coffee ready for you in the morning, when you get up to go to work, is one less thing you have to make time for when you are in a rush. Another thing home automation gives you is added security and safety since you can monitor your home even when you are not there. Setting systems to turn on and off while you are not home can ward off prospective trespassers since such activity will make them think someone is home. In the end, having a home automation system installed in your home is generally beneficial to you and your family. You cannot even say that it is an added expense since having such a system is considered a good investment, not really just an expense. It can even save you from the possibility of theft and losses. About the Author: By: sinuse – Home Theater Systems Atlanta- When watching a movie you need a surround sound Speaker system. 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