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Hong Kong media: the mainland department store closed frequent outlets is smooth sailing – Sohu financial   Hong Kong media said Oteri J quickly emerged in the mainland department store in the retail downturn in the struggle. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on August 24th, the industry report, the second half of 2016, the mainland will open at least 17 Oteri J. American Teachers Retirement Fund – Henderson Real Estate Company (TH estate) management in Asia, Europe and the United States nearly $100 billion in real estate, the Asia Pacific General Manager Chris? Riley said: "we believe that the effect of outlets than commercial street retail affected by changes in the market to be small. In terms of supply and demand, they have a stronger foundation." Reported that the mainland department store industry in recent years due to sluggish sales growth and profits hit, the mall collapse phenomenon since 2015 rising. However, the conditions of the strong growth of discount mall industry seems to have matured. The first big developers outlets Co. Ltd. president Zhong Beichen said to the mainland population and spending power, factory outlet is relatively small, at present only 40, but the United States has 300. "Zhong Beichen told the South China Morning Post" reporter, the company’s goal is to launch in 2020 more than and 20 in Oteri J City, and become the mainland’s largest outlet operators. He said that the discount stores can not be influenced by the economy and, because they are to provide customers with a lower price. When the economy is growing, people dressed in shopping; in the economic slowdown, if people want to buy affordable luxury discount stores will still be preferred. This upsurge attracted developers and investors come in a throng. TH real estate in the mainland to set up a $850 million fund, in Tianjin City, Wuqing district and the city of Shanghai opened the theme of the two Italy Oteri J. Riley said: "our target customer is the family of the annual income of more than 20 thousand U.S. dollars, the population is the largest in the world. We expect that with the rise of China’s middle class, the number will be doubled in 10 years."相关的主题文章: