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Dating This is a question that most guys would like answers to. It’s not easy being a man and trying to figure out exactly what it takes to attract a woman, is it? After all, if it were so easy, there would be no need for anyone to sell books that give out advice or even dating websites. But, for most men, it really can be a struggle to attract a woman. And not just any kind of woman. After all, what would be the point in learning how to attract a woman that was far from your type? So, what are some answers to this question of, how do I attract a woman? What are some tips that will help you to succeed when it .es to dating? Here are a couple to give you a push in the RIGHT direction: 1. First off, you have to identify your type. Without knowing what specifically you are looking for in a woman, it’s a little harder to really identify what you need to do. After all, a goal without a target is pretty hard to achieve. There’s nothing different about dating success and any other goal that you might have. So, think about what kind of women that you want to attract. It’s important. 2. Get into the mindset of believing that you WILL attract women that you desire to be with. The mind can be a funny thing. No matter how many things that you learn about how to attract women, if your mindset is messed up, then you are not going to succeed. Most guys try to skip the mindset and get right into learning techniques to use on women, but this is going about it backwards. 3. Understand that although there are many things that are pretty universal, there are certain attraction triggers that will be specific to certain women. Most of the advice that gets passed around on the inter. works on really young women. But, if you want to attract a beautiful woman that has a job, a life, and something to offer, then you have to take a different approach. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: