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Hardware There are many online versions about use and maintenance laptop batteries, different versions vary widely, most laptop neophytes get confused about this. The well-known "memory effect" makes one shudder, no one wants to take a test on your battery products. Here are some simples examples of using Dell GP952 laptop battery . When I was using AC adapter, should I remove the battery out or still keep it connecting in the Laptop? When should I start to charging the battery? Should I charging it at 80% of electricity or less than 40%? To resolve these questions and find out some suitable maintenance measures, we should start with the battery itself. Nowadays about the rechargeable battery technology, we have got three: Lithium Ion, NiMH and NiCd. About NiMH and NiCd batteries, the "Memory effect" is very obvious, but for the lithium-ion batteries, the "memory effect" can be neglected. In most of our mobile phones, notebook .puters, the manufacturers always using Lithium Ion batteries, so don’t worry about any memory effect. Back to the previous question, when to start charging? Someone suggested: "when the Dell D608H battery is going to running out", oh… it is the best way to hurt the battery! The answer is: to begin charging at any time, of course preferably at less than 95% electricity. Keep the battery at full charge status is beneficial. If you do it every time when the charge will be exhausted, just like you take care your skin when it’s going to chap, it’s too late! One of my colleagues .plain that he recharging his Thinkpad X60 Battery every time when it less than 40% electricity, and he feel that the battery actually more difficult to use as time goes on, finally he had to replace a piece of trouble. In fact this is precisely harm the laptop battery. Another problem with the answer, when using the AC Power, should remove the Dell C601H battery ? Best not to do it. After removing, the battery will slowly discharge, and inserted in the machine will always keep it full power. There are a lot of maintenance re.mendations says: if you do not use battery for a long time, make sure the battery is full of charging, and regularly put to use once, this is a very beautifully suggestion. To sum up is, if possible please make the battery have full electricity, and the "memory effect" of it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: