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UnCategorized Web designing is not what it used to be at the beginning. At the very beginning of web designing, people used to hard code the site on notepad. Websites were pretty plain and simple back then with some text, images, and few links. Introduction of fancy html editors and various web languages changed the old school method of web designing and took the web design to the next level. There is no need to hard code or use notepad anymore and even someone with zero knowledge of html can design a site these days. If you have Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver, then you are half way done with your web design. Just fire up the FrontPage and start writing text. You can insert images with just a click on the mouse. If you can use Words, then you can design a website these days. That’s how simple it is actually. If you don’t want to do the actual design but only to add content, then there are free pre-made web templates that you can use to build your site on to it. Just search the web for free HTML template or free CSS template and you should be finding lot of sites offering free templates. If you are building a professional looking business site with lot of options and e.merce functionally, then you might not be able to design the site all by yourself. It might be a good idea to hire professional web designer who can do a professional job for you. Professional web design doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg anymore. Internet has brought the entire world together where skilled web designers from developing countries are offering their services on the web for a fraction of the cost .pared to a designer from a developed country. There are lots of freelance sites and webmaster related forums where such services can be avails. If you are pretty .fortable in on doing what you do but need a little help here and there, then there are lots of tutorial sites where you can find instruction on practically any topics. If you are wondering about how to permanently redirect a page or a site to another one or how to create a new htaccess file, all you need to do is to make a Google search where you will find the tutorial that will show you how. Once you find a template, you can download it to one of your .puter folders for later use. You then open the template with an html editor that will allow you to add necessary text to the template. With a right pre-made template, all you do is just filling in the spots. Few other tips you should consider when designing a website are below: Design keeping human visitors in mind Use of CSS style sheet for future easy design alteration Scalability for future expansion User friendly navigation Use of a sitemap About the Author: 相关的主题文章: