Hubei officials do not eat dinner at the current evening was arrested and then put the wine

Hubei officials illegal birthday feast at noon at night and then busted out wine original title: East Hubei do birthday party cadres illegal dismissal at being caught again in the evening feast Hubei daily news (reporter Yang Hongbin, intern Wang Yunying) August 11th, in county a cadre in 36 years old birthday. At noon he put on a large birthday party, commission for Discipline Inspection has been caught at night again feast, knowingly violate, the results have been removed from their party posts and administrative demotion. Last night, the official website of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection issued every Monday case which red line can not step forty-fifth. This story, in August 11th, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection received a report from the masses, reflecting a agatanoatae unit deputy party secretary, deputy director Yin Moumou in hotels wantonly make arrangements for birthday party. County Commission for discipline inspection staff rushed to the scene found that Yin Moumou to celebrate his 36 birthday, lunch in the hotel with 10 banquet tables, in addition to relatives, friends and colleagues also invited non relatives and individual boss personnel to attend the banquet. The staff immediately on-site evidence and criticized for Yin Moumou, ordered its violations make arrangements for the birthday party to correct behavior. That night, Yin Moumou knowingly violate again, feast 6 tables, invite friends, colleagues and boss and other non related individual personnel to participate in. The County Commission for Discipline Inspection verified, the Yin Moumou received from friends, colleagues and other non related individual boss personnel 36 people gifts 10600 yuan. According to the provisions of discipline, decided to study and report to the County Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission approved, Yin Moumou given removal from party posts punishment. According to the "Regulations" the relevant provisions of punishment of civil servants of administrative organs, approved by the County Supervision Bureau decided to study and report to the county government, Yin Moumou give administrative demotion. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: