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Hunan radio and TV station female deputy director Luo Yi was arrested on suspicion of bribery Luo Yi (data plan) original title: female director Luo Yi was arrested at least 6 executives in recent years Hunan media sacked Justice Network Beijing on 10 October, (trainee reporter Liu Fan) according to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate official website news, October 9, 2016, the Hunan Provincial People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of embezzlement and bribery the crime of radio and television of Hunan former party members, deputy director Luo Yi (Deputy departmental level) decision to arrest. Case investigation is ongoing. July 8, 2016, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision website announced that Luo Yi alleged serious violation investigation. September 26th, Luo Yi alleged corruption, bribery criminal investigation by prosecutors. A brilliant Hunan traffic channel won the national labor medal according to media reports, Luo Yi started in 1997 Hunan radio traffic channel, and then served as the director of channel, the channel has been placed in a very long period of time the radio station was the first throne. Hunan traffic channel success, but also to the Luo Yi brought a variety of honors and promotion: Hunan Province, Hunan Province, recorded a first female entrepreneurial star, 38 of Hunan province’s Federation, in 2004 was awarded the National Union awarded the national labor medal, Luo Yi and was promoted to the Hunan Party committee, deputy director of radio and television. Hunan media was named the central inspection team for nearly two years, at least 6 executives sacked from February 27, 2016 to April 28th, the central inspection teams to carry out inspections in Hunan Province, looking back at the fifth". June 2nd, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of supervision website announced the look back, the specific circumstances, which specifically mentioned the media system and other areas of clean risk. According to media reports, many aspects of the inspection team feedback to Hunan, the only mention of the name of the media field. The reporter learned that, since 2015, the Hunan media has a number of executives sacked, including the former president of the Hunan daily Tan Xiao Guang, former general manager, former club Pirin member Liu Shulin, former party member Xue Boqing, Hunan daily printing branch, former head of Zou Xiangyuan. Plus Luo Yi, Hunan media in the past two years, at least 6 executives sacked. Among them, Liu Shulin has been arrested in the past two months. Luo Yi resume: Luo Yi, female, Han nationality, born in May 1962, Hunan County, Hanshou, undergraduate culture, senior political engineer. In August 1993 Chinese joined the Communist Party, to work in October 1981, served as director of the Hunan information channel office graphic editing and broadcasting director, director of the Hunan traffic radio, Hunan people’s broadcasting station, deputy director, director and other positions, March 2010 from the Hunan radio and television Party committee member, deputy director. (Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: