Hunan Xiangjiang new district two super high building broken 100 meters, a broken two hundred meters-mkdv-02

Hunan Xiangjiang New District building two high buildings a hundred meters a two hundred meters Changsha evening news (reporter correspondent Chen Huanming Li Feng) is located in Hunan Xiangjiang district two high-rise building — 241 meters high and 158 meters high building Changsha Hilton Hotel Xiangjiang fortune financial center tower will usher in a major node T4. Reporter yesterday learned from the construction site, Changsha Hilton Hotel construction height success across the 200 meter mark, up to 203.35 meters; Xiangjiang fortune Financial Center Tower T4 successfully broke the 100 meters mark. Changsha Hilton Hotel is located in the west of Yuelu Avenue on the north side, the project a total of 51, Annex 5, 3 underground floors, a total construction area of over 140 thousand square meters, the height of 203.35 meters is the forty-second layer position. The builders are sprint, plans to complete the target node roof layer, 239.4 meters high at the end of the year. Xiangjiang fortune financial center located in the Binjiang metro core axis, the total land area of about 60 thousand square meters, consisting of 4 high-rise buildings. The T4 tower is 158 meters high, a total of 34 layer, mainly used for hatch office and apartment buildings, is expected to be completed during the first half of last year 2018.

湖南湘江新区两栋超高建筑 一破百米一破两百米   长沙晚报讯(记者 陈焕明 通讯员 李锋)位于湖南湘江新区的两栋超高层建筑――241米高的长沙希尔顿酒店大楼和158米高的湘江财富金融中心T4塔楼都迎来重大节点。记者昨日从施工现场了解到,长沙希尔顿酒店施工高度成功跨越200米大关,达到203.35米;湘江财富金融中心T4塔楼成功冲破百米大关。   长沙希尔顿酒店位于河西岳麓大道北侧,项目共51层,裙房5层,地下3层,总建筑面积逾14万平方米,目前高度203.35米已是第42层位置。建设者们正全力冲刺,计划在年前完成屋面层、高239.4米的节点目标。   湘江财富金融中心位于滨江新城核心中轴,总用地面积约6万平方米,由4栋超高层建筑组成。其中T4塔楼高158米,共34层,主要用作孵化办公及公寓楼,预计2018年上半年竣工。相关的主题文章: