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ICBC UnionPay flash pay Starbucks full 60 minus $15 Sina > > credit card; promotions > the ICBC UnionPay flash pay Starbucks full 60 minus 15 yuan     02 2016 04 August   10:48    banks: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China time: March 29, 2016 Activities Location: Beijing, activity time from January 12, 2016 to March 29, 2016, every Tuesday.   two, active objects at the beginning of the 62 ICBC credit card and credit card   HCE cloud; three, the scope of activities of national Starbucks stores (except Jiangsu stores)   four, rule 1. with the flash pay function of ICBC UnionPay credit card (card number 62, QuickPass card flash pay logo) HCE cloud and credit cards, non – contact type of flash pay online transaction can enjoy the full one full 60 yuan up by 15 yuan, minus the full amount will be deducted directly when users pay, single preferential limit is 15 yuan per card per day, only enjoy 1 discount; 2. electronic cash transactions, credit card or offline card transactions are not to participate in the marketing activities; 3. card coupons to buy Starbucks products (including but not limited to the MSR card, gift card and Star Coffee coupons etc.) do not participate in this activity; 4. The discount not invoice; rule 5. this activity to website shall prevail, if there is any doubt about the activities of the terms and conditions, can contact customer service 95516 UnionPay consultation; 6. preferential activities limited to 260 thousand copies, first come first served, send stop namely; 7. if the user will refund, only for the user’s actual the payment amount (excluding refund minus the full amount), no preferential qualification compensation; 8. a queue consumption is limited to the use of a card settlement, if the split single, false scalping malicious acts such as the same user, will cancel the preferential qualification without prior notice; 9. the final interpretation of this event for all China unionpay. Welcome to comment and share: 工银银联卡闪付星巴克 满60立减15元 新浪财经 > 信用卡 > 优惠活动 > 正文 工银银联卡闪付星巴克 满60立减15元   2016年02月04日 10:48   活动银行:工商银行起止时间:2016年3月29日止 活动地点:北京 一、活动时间  2016年1月12日至2016年3月29日,每周二。     二、活动对象  62开头工银信用卡及HCE云端信用卡     三、活动范围  全国星巴克门店(江浙沪门店除外)     四、活动规则  1. 使用具有“闪付”功能的工银银联信用卡(卡号62开头,卡面有QuickPass闪付标识)及HCE云端信用卡,以非接触式进行闪付联机交易即可享受全单满60元立减15元,满减金额将在用户支付时直接扣减,单笔优惠上限为15元,每卡每天仅限享受1次优惠;  2. 电子现金脱机交易、刷卡或插卡方式交易均不参加本次营销活动;  3. 购买星巴克卡券类产品(包括但不限于星享卡、星礼卡和咖啡券等)不参加本次活动;  4. 优惠部分不予开具发票;  5. 本活动规则以网站公布为准,如对本次活动条款和细则有任何疑问,可联系银联客服95516咨询;  6. 活动优惠限量26万份,先到先得,送完即止;  7. 若用户发生退款,将仅针对用户的实际支付金额(不包含满减金额)退还,优惠资格不再补偿;  8. 一次排队消费仅限使用一张卡进行结算,若同一用户发生拆单、虚假刷单等恶意行为,将取消优惠资格并不另行通知;  9. 本次活动最终解释权为中国银联所有。 欢迎发表评论 分享到:相关的主题文章: