In addition to the beautiful scenery of Xiamen, there is a more beautiful than the Park Hotel – Sohu xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

In addition to the beautiful scenery of Xiamen, there is a more beautiful than the Park Hotel – Sohu travel purposes, vary from person to person. See the beautiful scenery is the harvest, to live comfortable hotel and enjoy, and others, will spend a lot of time to look for the delicious. As far as I’m concerned, all of these can be called a reason to travel. The beautiful island city of Xiamen, for many times, it seems every time to rush, according to the program, we all love to go to the Gulangyu Islet, praise to those historic buildings, but also to accept the hustle and bustle, the evening stroll around Zhongshan Road, to look at other people queuing to buy a hand like pie the letter, and I never buy. In short, the day from morning to night schedule is very full. The city of Xiamen is not big, but very delicate, there are many good spots and special snack, I never thought that one day I came to Xiamen, not to ignore the attractions and snacks, in a hotel for two days, what to do. This time, I did it. If a hotel is not able to attract guests to stay in the hotel, it is probably because the hotel is not good enough. If there is a hotel environment than you want to go to the park is beautiful, and what is the reason not to stay? Xiamen Huandao Road near the villa, a fine, just across the hotel and the beach road, the beach is not many tourists, seems to be the hotel’s private beach. The hotel’s internal environment, but also a well maintained garden. Throughout the year, there are lush trees and flowers. The hotel covers a large area, if it is easy to get lost on foot, want to visit the hotel, then it is best to call the front desk a tourist battery car, slowly. Most of the hotel area are all kinds of trees and grass, the absolute air fresh, the scenery is also good to hear or see, here can be assured of breathing, turn down and not see a few people. This is a wild profusion of vegetation vegetation, but also isolated from the noise from the street, although in downtown but like a land of idyllic beauty. This is a typical Resort Hotel, do nothing, just change the environment, relax. I see a few car battery, Yeohwa thoughtful and meticulous service, the car battery will send each guest to his room, but it is also a necessary service, it is to find their own room to spend time time. If the Seaview Resort as a garden, is proper. The hotel on a hill facing the sea, natural forest landscape, there are many more amorous feelings, flowers and trees are usually rare. Stay in the room, is a hidden in the trees in the villa. Although the size of the hotel, the room is not much, so only a hundred rooms villa. I recommend living in the first floor of the room, because the room through the outdoor swimming pool. Two floor of the room may be a little better scenery, but not so convenient on the first floor. I do not want to use the word luxury to describe the room, everything is very delicate, can be seen to spend a lot of energy. The bed is soft and comfortable, in this environment, no noise disturbed sleep, sleep. -相关的主题文章: