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In the history of the longest H5 occupation circle of friends, Wanda how to do new media? The Sohu of science and technology in September 28th morning, push a new list list, the title is "Wanda Group" released "a mirror" H5 "title, shuabing. In the 100 thousand + can let the marketing people high to do now, enough to refresh two words is scanty. According to the data provided by Wanda, the H5 claims to be the longest in the history of the H5, light on WeChat, there are 2 million 200 thousand of the PV, the 230 thousand sharing, communication levels reached a level of more than 77. The explosion of red H5, tells the story of modern people is busy busy busy, ignore the children growing up, mainly for the No. 24 just opened in the city of Hefei Wanda Wanda for marketing, main city is the concept of "create fun city" theme — slightly old-fashioned, not at all "sounds a refresh potential, then, Wanda do new media, how to play it? Abandon the dazzle of the impulse, return to the creative H5 outdated? No, but H5 is now unable to attract attention by playing the technology. Answer calls, WeChat dialogue worth mentioning, the first time is a surprise, the second is the routine. After all, H5 is a product, the most important thing is insight into the needs of human nature, and then the product form, and finally the interaction. So, Wanda this H5 and out of those sexy bitch really is not the same: Wanda H5 has 30 illustrations, you have to do is to put your finger on the mobile phone according to, until it finished playing. Yes, there is no video, dialog, games, call reminder…… H5 is a stream field. Of course, simple interaction may also play a hit, accidentally dongshixiaopin, so creative picture is particularly important. Wanda city H5 similar to the Russian Doll: first picture, second picture illustrations, second pictures is a television picture third picture…… Infinite lens back, and a mirror, also stimulate your curiosity about the next scene, resembling Bian Zhilin "fragments" in "you stand on the bridge to see the scenery, watching the scenery see you upstairs". It is a good idea to serve the content, and the thirty illustrations, seemingly independent, actually tells the story of a family story: boy A envy other and amusement parks, the boy B look at this page illustration in the book and my father was busy telephone, this scene was the girl’s father in see the TV, then decided to take her daughter to go out to play. Belong to the classic three act drama, including the opening, development, climax. How easy to fall into the bad habits of the family brand marketing people are aware of the need to enhance the connection between the brand and the user, the need for product features and emotional complement each other. Function is to solve the user why you choose, and the emotional solution is why the user chose you instead of others; emotion is based on the product features of the precipitation, it will not be boring. For Wanda City, the core is to solve the recreational needs, and then you need to Disney, the leisure entertainment, parent-child vacations, and their own brands together, so that consumers have "Disney can see family play in this project in the queue.相关的主题文章: