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3 years in Shanxi at least 10 paintings stolen — Society — original title: 3 years in Shanxi at least 10 paintings stolen Jinzhong District of Yuci City East left Fucun Antoine temple mural stolen before, the red circle is the main part of the mural stolen Antoine temple mural stolen stolen the main part of the details of the recent mural, known as "cultural relics protection volunteers Tang Dahua tower legend" in the WeChat public, published the article said, Shanxi County of Pingyao province has two units of cultural relics protection of the murals is stolen, stolen paintings are located in the West Village Lianghe day dragon temple "and" Dong Feng Village Zhao si". Tang Dahua told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, according to his statistics, over the past 3 years, Shanxi Province, at least 10 ancient architectural murals stolen, including the protection of the city’s two municipal units. The thieves often choose to keep a good part of the mural "start", resulting in the murals fragmented". Shanxi cultural relics workers said, from the traces of stolen murals to see, the thief is quite professional". Pingyao mural stolen November 21st net is traced, "cultural relics protection volunteers Tang Dahua tower legend" in public, WeChat published the article said, Shanxi Pingyao County West Village Lianghe day dragon temple wall paintings disappeared. Photo shows the temple walls now can be seen on the bare soil wall, and according to Tang Dahua after the photo shoot, bare wall was originally drawn with paintings of fairy portraits. 22 days, Tang Dahua again published the article said, in addition to the Dragon Temple days, Pingyao County Dongfeng Village shines Temple "was also found the stolen paintings. Tang Dahua told reporters BYD, Zhao Si has three courtyards, did the school, later abandoned. In 2014, he went to Zhao Si investigation, it was found that several murals inside is stolen, but in a side hall, there are still 4 pieces to the theme of the large mural fancies of men of letters. This time, Peidian the murals was looted". According to the photos, a few stolen paintings severely damaged, such as thieves stripped away some people to "Qin" as the theme of the murals in the middle, resulting in the entire mural was cut in half. Public information, the Dragon Temple and the temple of heaven are Pingyao county cultural relics protection units. A number of Shanxi heritage workers and enthusiasts to the North Green newspaper reporter mentioned that these two murals stolen incident, but only the tip of the iceberg of Shanxi ancient architectural murals stolen. There are 10 murals "hostility" "in 2014, I went to Shanxi to visit ancient buildings, filming has seen ancient buildings in the murals, the past 3 years, I through photo comparison, confirmed that at least 10 ancient buildings of the mural stolen in Shanxi Province, but this is not all the numbers, it is hard to say." These 10 ancient buildings in Jinzhong city 6, Changzhi City 2, Taiyuan city and Jincheng city have a son, Changzhi County, one of the "City Village Tang Shengdi temple built in the Yuan Dynasty," Zhang Chong Cun tile three? Temple built in the Jin Dynasty, are municipal conservation units belong to the ancient mural stolen Chinese guaranteed the highest level. Comparison of before and after the 10 murals from Tang Dahua’s stolen, thieves are not the mural picture is stolen, but the choice of mural retention than)相关的主题文章: