Internet insurance special rectification focus on three aspects synnex

Internet insurance special rectification focus on three aspects of the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! "Securities Daily" the reporter was informed that the office of the State Council recently announced the "Internet financial risk special rectification work plan", the field of Internet insurance regulation is the focus of the Internet business, high cash value insurance institutions rely on the Internet to carry out cross-border business and illegal operation of Internet insurance business. On the same day, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the people’s Bank of China and other fourteen departments jointly issued the Internet insurance risk remediation work plan. CIRC relevant responsible person said, the Internet banking has much positive significance for optimizing the allocation of resources, promote the development of Inclusive Finance, but also increase the possibility of risk aggregation and diffusion. To carry out special rectification work on the Internet in the financial sector, risk prevention, can go, play the guiding role of the positive energy. According to the person in charge of the special rectification work focuses on the Internet insurance, Internet high cash value business, focused on investigating and correcting the insurance company to sell insurance products through the Internet, false description, one-sided or exaggerated publicity past performance, the illegal gains commitment or bear the loss of misleading description. Two is relying on the Internet insurance institutions to carry out cross-border business cooperation, third party network platform focused on investigating and correcting the insurance company and the operators do not have the qualifications to carry out insurance business on the Internet behavior; Internet credit platform cooperation insurance company and provide services to increase trust, set up the pool of funds, such as the illegal fund-raising behavior, causing the risk of transmission to the field of insurance; insurance the company operates on the Internet platform of financing credit guarantee insurance business process, there is a means of risk control is not perfect, the internal management is not in place and so on. Three is the illegal operation of Internet insurance business, focused on investigating non licensees illegal conduct insurance business in the Internet, Internet companies without obtaining a business qualification based on Internet with mutual aid and other issues in the name of insurance business; unscrupulous agencies and criminals through the Internet using the name of the insurance company or insurance company credit under the guise of illegal fund-raising. The person in charge, the Internet insurance special rectification work for a period of one year, divided into diagnostic investigation, investigation and rectification report in three stages. The current diagnostic investigation stage has been basically completed, the next step will be to investigate the rectification stage, in strict accordance with the regulations, issues related to the investigation found that the timely and comprehensive rectification. The responsible person, the CIRC on the one hand, to encourage innovation, support the insurance institutions to use the Internet to carry out channels, products, services and management innovation, to promote the "Internet plus" for the transformation and upgrading of the industry to develop a broader space. On the other hand, adhere to the norms of governance, strengthen risk investigation, in-depth consumer education and risk alert, effective risk prevention. The special rectification work will be in accordance with the "illegal, protect the legitimate" principle, distinction, classification policy, change the "bad money drives out good money" situation, to carry out normal business organizations actively encourage continuous supervision, supervise the operation. theory相关的主题文章: