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IPhone 77 Plus Home key The demo experience feel bad Verge Chinese station reported in September 8th after the end of the conference, the media immediately conducted a live demo of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus two mobile phone. The following is the experience of The Verge two devices to get started. To engage in a iPhone 7 to use the steepest bright black Yan burst table values double cut smooth It is as expected iPhone 7 and two last year, iPhone has many similarities, such as the same Aluminum Alloy material and body curvature. The same as iPhone 6, iPhone 7 screen frame is still wide, the bottom is still a large circular Home key, the camera also has a bump. But this time, the transition between iPhone 7 of the fuselage and the camera is no longer isolated, instead of using the processing mode of the arc. Although apple did not adhere to the following year brings a new design practice, but from this year’s iPhone can be seen in the body, the internal configuration of the upgrade has been enough this time updated. 3.5mm headphone jack cancellation is also a major concern – Apple wants users to use the new AirPods headset. Because the scene is too noisy, the real quality of the headset is still difficult to judge performance. As for iPhone 7 Plus of the performance of the 12 million pixel dual cameras? Display site is not an ideal test environment. Taking into account the scene of adequate lighting, good shooting is expected. But what is certain is that this phone’s 2x optical zoom capability is indeed in line with Apple’s propaganda at the conference. The new generation of iPhone front camera upgraded to 7 million pixels, shooting is also quite good. This is the 2 consecutive year, Apple’s front camera for the sensitive components to upgrade, I believe it will make many self satisfied fans. The new Home key uses the Taptic Engine to pass the physical feedback while pressing, and at the same time obtains the pressure sensing ability, so as to be able to judge whether the user’s operation is pressed or clicked. But from the point of view of the experience, the experience is very bad Home keys. When you use the MacBook touchpad, you can really get a relatively realistic physical feedback; and for the new iPhone, you will only feel the bottom of the whole mobile phone a little shock, there is no real press button feel. Because the media is too much, iPhone’s new A10 Fusion processor does not have enough time to test. Of course, it is in a short experience which does show their own speed strength. A new piano black color models is quite brisk, but is likely to be a fingerprint collector. Apple said the new generation of iPhone has dustproof waterproof ability, stereo speakers, and because of the high energy efficiency of A10 Fusion won the iPhone series of the longest life. Overall, this year’s iPhone is still not much change, or inherited Apple’s consistent style. IPh]相关的主题文章: