It Has Been Awhile Now Since We Introduced Our Birdbibs To Charlie Our Quaker

Pets It has been awhile now since we introduced our birdbibs to Charlie our Quaker Parrot, who is about 9 month old.He still gets excited when he sees one of us put a bib on. He runs back and forth, shakes his head up and down and tries to stretch out to us as we are getting nearer to him, making a lot of noise of course. Sometimes he is even hanging upside down on his perch and still carrying on.Its a wonder he doesnt fall off. He reminds me of a child when their parents have just arrived home and the child runs to greet them. He is sooo cute, a really great pet bird.We have Charlie on our shoulders quite a lot now as he is not making our clothes messy.I wish I had .e up with this idea sooner.Its one of the best bird accessories we have.He is hardly ever sitting on his parrot perches or bird stands that we have scattered around the house any more. Not only does the birdbib stop pooh from getting on your clothes it is also a good bird feeder.When Charlie eats he leaves a mess everywhere, so the bibs catch that as well.He loves to have a nibble of what we are eating. It was only today that I was going outside and went to get Charlie, the top I had on was strapless and I thought Im just going to put him outside on his bird gym, as we call it, so I wont put a birdbib on.Well he wouldnt get on at all as he doesnt like bare skin, I then put the bib on and he hopped straight onto my shoulder.He loves to get outside wander around and listen to all the wild birds.He mimics their whistles. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: