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It is shipped to Baotou, countless circle powder strikes again! Sohu and again lick the screen of the giant squid because no oyster squid chowhound [] continued to praise and often queuing the indictment, [not] at Oyster squid open new store! Many people do not understand, a squid for such a fire? You are blown to heaven, why not fly? You know, this is really a cow X to take off from water: squid squid, Argentina high latitude, sea water temperature is low, flesh and good taste; the strict control of frozen transit transport, the way will not repeat the thaw; squid are processed within 3 hours at room temperature after melting, both to ensure the delicious, also to ensure the integrity of squid skin. So the squid is not blowing, from Baotou to Hohhot, hot popularity shows all! Steamed squid ¥ 29 sliced boiled squid eaten hot, is to play Q with compact texture, small material, simple and delicious to eat and addictive. The new store signs ¥ 49 copies of sesame sesame fried; mixed aroma thick with spicy oil covered with thick money belly, this dish has been buddies alike! A go is not too cool, even the bottom of the small Deep-Fried Dough Sticks are fried to golden, crisp sesame wrapped it. Incense pot duck wing ¥ 79 copies up to a soft rotten juicy duck and duck wings, cannotbut slobber wanton. So this dish on the table buddies started all eyes! This dish is not very spicy, but very fragrant sauce, slightly sweet flavor, very rich, while eating side Ba Za bone particularly cool, which is really delicious dishes of corn! Sesame shrimp pot ¥ 59 sesame wrapped is not clear body screw shrimp, head of small arms and crayfish have a spell. Good is the first big but there are meat, this crayfish than good. The correct steps to eat it is caught a shrimp from full of sesame, shrimp head first sucked it, then remove the skull, then biting shrimp head Dakoudakou chewing, finally eat shrimp. Fresh shrimp fly yellow smell mixed with sesame, this feeling is difficult to describe. Fall in love with the small tomatoes and beef cow Yuba the best CP in the small pot stew is very soft, just taste fusion. Yuba also absorbed the full soup especially of meat, a lot better than imagined, heavy recommended! Pork stomach stewed chicken with the cooler weather, drink a bowl of hot soup is the most enjoyable thing the dinner time. Chicken pot is also off the bone, pork stomach soft, add red dates wolfberry Cordyceps flower yam, several flavours. Not only taste good, but also particularly nourishing. Pay attention to practice the soup more sweet convergence. When eating soup side side suggestions if you eat meat, the taste of the meat is not thick, sticky material can eat, but I eat directly feel very fragrant smell. Have people know that this is the fastest soup, drink does not matter, can "refill" yo ~ iron smelly perch ¥ 49相关的主题文章: