Jinhua district often waste paint flavor, environmental protection departments have been involved in spyair

Jinhua, a district environmental protection departments often waste the smell of paint has been involved in the investigation of November 13th morning, Jinhua Dongyang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau received Dongyang Hyde more than residential property owners complaints, said the adjoining District of a technology limited company paint emissions, air pollution District, and prepare joint door "seek explanation". After receiving the report, the Environmental Protection Department invited informants, Hyde small industry and district of Baiyun Street personnel, and law enforcement officers went to the company to carry out environmental petition process, Yuefang lianzha. The scene, Yuefang Lianzha workers to check the operating conditions of enterprises, waste gas treatment facilities to monitor emissions, while business owners question and the relevant person in charge of relevant environmental protection measures for the implementation of the problem. In the survey, the source of the smell of paint waste was finally found out: spray drying process of exhaust gas generated in the plant simulation handicraft production company, without effective collection and treatment through drying chimneys, thus affecting the surrounding environment. In this regard, the law enforcement officers ordered the companies to immediately stop production and drying process, the drying immediately removed the chimney, before the end of December to complete the rectification requirements of enterprises and waste gas treatment facilities. By then, the environmental protection department, Baiyun Street, Hyde Industry Commission for the three party joint on-site inspection, if the rectification does not meet the standard, you must immediately move. For the handling of opinions, the person in charge of the enterprise said no objection on the spot, and made a public apology and rectification commitment to the Hyde District owners. "Environmental protection department visits about joint inspection, this treatment is very good."." The owner of a Hyde community involved in the investigation said.

金华一处小区常有废油漆味 环保部门已介入调查11月13日上午,金华东阳市环保局接到东阳海德小区多名业主投诉举报,称毗邻小区的一家工艺有限公司油漆废气排放,污染小区空气,并准备联合上门“讨说法”。接报后,环保部门邀请举报人、海德小区业委会和小区所在的白云街道人员,与执法人员一起前往这家工艺公司,开展环境信访约访联查。现场,约访联查人员一边检查企业废气治理设施运行情况、监测废气排放,一边质询企业主和相关负责人有关环保措施落实问题。在多方调查后,废油漆味的来源终于被查清了:该公司仿真植物工艺品生产烘干工序中产生的喷漆废气,未经有效收集处理就通过烘干烟囱排出,因而影响了周边环境。对此,执法人员责令企业立即停止烘干工序生产,马上拆除烘干烟囱,并要求企业于12月底前完成废气治理设施整改。届时,将再由环保部门、白云街道、海德业委会进行三方联合现场验收,如整改未达标则须立即搬迁。对于处理意见,企业负责人当场表示无异议,并向海德小区业主作出了公开道歉和整改承诺。“环保部门约访联查这种处理方式非常好。”参与调查处理的一名海德小区业主说。相关的主题文章: