Kill all the chips raised N kinds of methods I did not expect the cottage army also participated in jkforum

N method to raise the public’s kill: I didn’t think the army is also involved in the copycat – Sohu to raise the public as the current science and technology entrepreneurs to raise funds, to turn the idea into one of the most important means of reality, is facing more and more difficulties, and even spawned N ways to kill all the chips. Even these methods are divided into two categories, the public to raise their own view, the main way to kill them is: entrepreneurs roll money on foot, creativity is difficult to become a reality. From the external approach, mainly the rapid changes in consumer tastes, production chain is difficult to grasp, etc.. But now there is a new method of death: the emergence of the cottage. To raise the public release of the product, often have to go through a number of stages: entrepreneurs to determine the idea, the public to raise the site to raise funds, production…… Each stage will experience a short time, which makes copycat companies take advantage of. The rapid reaction mechanism, copycat company quickly assembled production chain, raised the creative entrepreneurs replicated in a very short time, and sold through the Taobao business platform. As a result, all the chips will be easy to kill". The congregation raised products Canbei copycat Taobao actually gathering after a period of time, the Israeli entrepreneur Sherman very depressed. He invested up to a year to design a mobile phone with a self timer Stikbox. And in order to be able to quickly get funds to invest in production, Sherman will be an innovative mobile phone shell to raise funds in the congregation raised platform Kickstarter. But did not expect that, just a week later, Sherman on the Alibaba overseas wholesale platform AliExpress to see their own design of self timer phone shell. These produced by the Chinese cottage enterprises self timer phone shell, almost completely stole Sherman’s creativity, and the price is very low. Originally Sherman will be priced at 39 euros, but these cottage products priced less than $10. This means that, even if the final listing of Sherman’s products, but also will be completely defeated copycat products — even the two in the material, function and other aspects of difference, but consumers have recognized copycat products, and the market almost saturated. In the process of copying the cottage enterprises to raise public creative products in the process, Taobao and other electronic business platform has become the best gathering place, bear the most important sales channel functions. Perhaps, you buy the so-called creative products, which is established in the public and raise venture. However, because of the information asymmetry between the domestic and foreign information communication, these products are difficult to raise the public to find the cottage. Even the domestic public raised platform products are only copycat, do it afterwards. Kill all the chips! Cottage or culprit in fact, the public to raise the product can be protected by various means. But the reason why the public to raise the entrepreneurs to see their creativity was cottage, it is to apply for a patent in advance, the latter responsible for the time, the cost of capital is too high. In the United States, for example, although the patent can protect the interests of entrepreneurs, but in the United States to apply for such a patent generally need a year to a year and a half of the underwriting period, and to pay thousands of dollars. Such a long underwriting period, which means that the public to raise the entrepreneur’s ideas are likely to fall behind. In order to be as soon as possible相关的主题文章: